HEC Phd Scholarships 2024 (US -Pak Knowledge Corridor)

Getting through this piece of article, we would be explaining you about the HEC Phd Scholarships 2024 (US -Pak Knowledge Corridor)! Well as we all know that in the year 2015, Higher Education Commission came up with the establishment of the scholarship procedure as under the collaboration of Pakistan along with United States. This program was all based on the subjects of Education, Science and Technology Working Group (ESTWG) under the Bilateral Strategic Dialogue. In the year 2015, US and Pakistan held a meeting on education and introduction of the US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor and directed their respective governments as in order to intensify their cooperation in this important framework. As in accordance with this plan, the Government will be offering with the ten thousand (10,000) Pakistani scholars will be making their way into the US universities in next ten years. In the very first phase, almost 1500 scholarships will be financed as through the medium of the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) and also about the project that has been approved in ECNEC in the year 2017.


HEC Phd Scholarships 2024 (US -Pak Knowledge Corridor)

HEC Phd Scholarships 2023 (US -Pak Knowledge Corridor)


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List of Subjects Under US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor Scholarship 2024:

Below is the list of programs that is part of US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor PhD. scholarship 2024:
Arts & Humanities
Design & Media
Water Resources & Energy
Social Sciences
Physical Sciences
Business Sciences
Agriculture & Food security
Veterinary Sciences
Engineering & Technology
Emerging Technology
Medical & Allied Health Science
Human-made Materials
Robotics, Microelectronics



Important Information About HEC Phd Scholarships 2024 (US -Pak Knowledge Corridor):

For the information of the readers we would like to mention that this scholarship program, will be given away as on the duration of 5 years on the basis of academic merit, and also the US university acceptance letter.
It will not be covering any sort of tuition fee.
Total number of scholarships that are to be offered is 1500.



Eligibility Criteria For HEC Phd Scholarships 2024 (US -Pak Knowledge Corridor):

It is important for the application that they should be the citizen of Pakistan.
The applicant must have done with the MS, M Phil or 18 years of formal education. It needs to be done as from the accredited university/institution that has been approved by Higher Education Commission.
The applicant who is applying they should be much committed as in serving the universities/R&D organizations in Pakistan as they did have completed their studies under the scholarship program.
They should have clear the TOEFL to meet the required English in the USA.



How to Apply For HEC Phd Scholarships 2024 (US -Pak Knowledge Corridor)?

You can apply for this program as by getting yourself registered for the US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor P.hD Student Scholarship 2024 at Higher Education Commission, Pakistan (HEC) by visiting www.hec.gov.pk/site/US-PAK-KC.


You need to send the application form as along with the needed documents as before the deadline through eportal.hec.gov.pk/US-Pak Corridor.