HEC & PBC Law Graduate Assessment Test Law GAT 2024 For Enrollment As Advocate

Higher Education & Pakistan Bar Council Law Graduate Assessment Test Law GAT 2024 For Enrollment As Advocate with Bar Council

To become an advocate in the bar council, you have to pass this HEC & PBC Law Graduate Assessment Test (Law GAT) and here are the details for you. This is the law graduate assessment test. Note that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has restored this LAW-GAT test along with the collaboration of Pakistan Bar council as well as Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. To appear in this test, you have to submit the law degree copy of yours. If you have not received the final degree of your LLB program, then you can also submit the detailed transcript of your last degree. You will get three chances to pass this test and note more than that, it will be Higher Education Commission of Pakistan who will be conducting this law graduate assessment test and this test shall be conducted for three times in a year. In this assessment phase, you have to get 50% score.



Eligibility Details And Other Information for HEC & PBC Law Graduate Assessment Test Law GAT 2024

You should have passed your LLB education completely and your university has to be recognized by Pakistan bar council.


Roll number slips will be given and issued to you on your mentioned postal address along with the exact test date. The online registration process has to be done at the website of HEC. For the test date and timings as well as for test venue information, you will get SMS so make sure that you mention an activated and correct mobile number. On the website of HEC, list of test centers are mentioned, you can choose the test center from that list.


The last date to apply for HEC & PBC Law Graduate Assessment phase, it is 12th March, 2024 and after this date, no forms will get accepted.



How to Register for HEC & PBC Law Graduate Assessment Test Law GAT 2024?

You have to visit the site of HEC and there you can apply for this assessment phase. You can visit HEC regional office if you find any issue while filing out the form. Rs 3000 is the test fee and you have to deposit it online. You can make a bank draft in the favor of HEC Habib Bank Limited branch code 0112 and easily submit this exam fees of yours.


The copy of your LLB degree and rest of the detailed transcripts and deposit slip or the bank draft has to be send on this address which is: Room number 212, 2nd floor, HRD building- HEC, H-8, Islamabad. This test is non refundable and it is non transferable.



Tips to Prepare for HEC Law GAT Test 2024

Preparing for the HEC Law GAT test needs dedication & lot of hard work. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the HEC law GAT test in the year 2024;


1. Familiarize Yourself with the LAW GAT Test Format

It is must to familiarize yourself with the format of the HEC Law GAT. Understanding the structure of the test will help you manage your time effectively & answer questions efficiently.



2. Study Legal Concepts and Principles

The Legal section of the test evaluates candidates’ knowledge of the law. Therefore, it is essential to study legal concepts & principles thoroughly. Reading legal texts , attending seminars & workshops and discussing legal issues with professionals can help you improve your understanding of the law.



3. Practice Time Management

The HEC Law GAT is a timed test & candidates must answer all questions in the given time. Therefore it is essential to practice time management & answer questions within the given time frame.



4. Take Mock Tests

Taking mock tests can help you evaluate your preparation & identify areas that require improvement. Mock tests can also help you manage your time effectively & develop strategies to answer questions efficiently.



Final Words

These are all details and important information which has to be followed by the applicants of this LAW-GAT test. We will share more info on this exam test, right now you can consider and take this assessment schedule as final and for sure official one. Good luck for this law assessment. To receive more info on such law tests and examination procedures, stay tuned with us.


HEC & PBC Law Graduate Assessment Test Law GAT 2024 For Enrollment As Advocate


HEC Law GAT (Law Graduate Assessment Test) 2024 Registration Schedule & Result