HEC Internship Program 2024, Learn Job Market Skills With Stipend

HEC Job Market Skills Based Internship Program 2024 With Monthly Stipend of Up To 10000 Rupees
This internship program 2024 is started on the official note by this Higher education commission of Pakistan. This program comes with stipend amount too. This amount ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000. This productive HEC internship program will improve your market skills. Only unemployed people can enroll in this internship scheme. You will get training in the famous and most well known universities of Pakistan. The commission of Pakistan has made and designed this program so that maximum unemployed youth of Pakistan can be allocated in suitable job lines.



After complete this internship program, you will get guaranteed job options. This program is mainly for masters arts group students. If you still have not got a job and you have done your masters studies in humanities, social sciences subject then you should register in this HEC internship program. Do you know that goals of Vision 2025 are still in their pending phase and one of the important goal of this vision 2025 is to give employment to the unemployed youth and to improve skills of this unemployed. As this program is in its initial phase and once its first batch will be passed out, then we will hope some conclusive and positive results will come out from this internship program.



Application Procedure and Eligibility Details
Last date to apply in this HEC internship program 2024 is 00th April 2024.
You should have educational qualification up to masters degree.Those applicants who are not meeting and also fulfilling this education degree requirement, then they should apply and submit their form to Higher education commission of Pakistan.
30 is the age limit for the internship program 2024.
For 1 year time frame, you have to be jobless. If you are still doing and you will apply for this internship program then your will not be accepted by HEC.



Courses Offered in HEC Internship Training Program 2024
Courses of marketing and sales will be offered to particular students. This HEC internship program is basically about 360 degree course programs. You will learn the basic and primary market skills from A to Z and from top to bottom. Then applicants will learn the technical use of computer. Many masters level students find an accountant job easier for them. That is why this internship program offers courses and subjects linked to accounting. Then this program will work on your communication skills. It is due to lack of communication skills and capability that individuals do not get selected for jobs. So in this internship program, you verbal skills will get polished.



Pakistan is a textile hub and here in each single city of Pakistan, we are seeing large amount of textile industries and factories. That is because of the main fact that this HECĀ internship program 2024 offers apparel merchandising courses.



Some arts field students, they like to persue the career in field of hotel management. But they do not have enough training in their hand to get a job in this field. From this program of internship, you will get skills related to managing hotel.


HEC Internship Program 2024, Learn Job Market Skills With Stipend

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