Grow Medicinal Plants & Earn Money (Urdu, English Guide)

Grow Medicinal Plants & Earn Profit-Read Business Idea Gide in Urdu and English
So how can you grow medicinal plants and earn money, we will guide you. In Pakistan, this business is quite growing higher. If you want to grow these medicinal herbs then first you have to confirm that whether your cultivation site can grow these medicinal plants or not. You have to check the local climate factor as well as light conditions and too soil conditions. Some of the gardeners in Pakistan, they prefer to opt raised bed system. On the other hand, some like to opt the standard row method. You can grow these plants in the individual pots as well or you can make them to grow in the soil.

How to Grow Medicinal Plants & Earn Money?

Preparation of Soil to Grow Medicinal Herbs And Plants
First you have to prepare the soil to grow these medicinal plants and herbs. It is an important step if you want to grow just health herbs and plants. It is the golden rule to do any kind of gardening that first you have to treat your soil in a proper way. Treating your soil well, that means your plants will show a proper growth. Most of the medicinal plants, they like to grow in a soil which is more moist and it should be packed with lots of organic humus. You should consider a large number of soil samples and then you can analyze their nutrient levels.

A Healthy Composting System is Needed to Grow Medicinal Plants
Once you will prepare the soil, then you have to maintain a healthy composting system so that your plants and herbs can be given a healthy and proper growth environment. You can also purchase the organic compost. To make this composting system more effective, you should be adding mycorrhiza into compost so that growth of these soil microorganisms can be promoted.

Planting Part to Grow Medicinal Herb Plants
Now comes the part of planting your medicinal plants. You have to make a complete research on all medicinal herbs so that you can know which plants and herbs can be easily grown in what conditions! You should know the germination requirements as well as other early development requirements of your chosen medicinal plants.

Your herb garden should be kept safe from the bugs and other predators. You should not get those plants which are loved by insects, otherwise your herb garden will be often attacked by the insects. Try to choose healthy plants species because they are more and extremely resistant to insects attacking power.

If your soil conditions are ideal, then these insects will hardly attack on your plants. You should use these homemade bug sprays as they are made form oil spray, water spray, soap spray and garlic spray and these sprays do not affect the health and nutrient value of your plants. You should not use these detergent soaps for the safety of your medicinal plants because these sprays consist of degreaser and this ingredient can harm your medicinal herbs and garden.

Grow Medicinal Plants & Earn Money (Urdu, English Guide)

Grow Medicinal Plants & Earn Money (Urdu, English Guide)