Gohar Publishers Lahore, Books Series & List, Discount, Price List, Review, FAQs, Head Office

Gohar Publishers Review: Your Source for Quality Education Materials
When we talk about the educational resources in Pakistan, Gohar Publishers comes as the leading private schools syllabus & text books publisher. As a project of Hamdard Publishers, Gohar Publishers Lahore has been serving students and educators with top-notch educational materials for years. With a diverse range of book series and a commitment to excellence, Gohar Publishers is dedicated to shaping the minds of future generations.

Gohar Publishers Lahore, Books Series & List, Discount, Price List, Review, FAQs, Head Office

Gohar Publishers Lahore, Books Series & List, Discount, Price List, Review, FAQs, Head Office


Lets explore each and everything about Gohar Publishers Lahore in this review based article of arqumhouse.edu.pk;

Intro to Various Syllabus Books Series by Gohar Publishers

Gohar Publishers boasts an impressive lineup of book series, including the Crystal series, Sweera series, Marry gold series, Nur series, Blue bell series, Sky lark series and Gohar series. These meticulously crafted series cater to different syllabuses, ensuring that students have access to the most relevant and comprehensive content for their studies. Additionally, Gohar Publishers offers Summer packs, ensuring that learning continues even during the break.


Educational Wall Charts

A unique offering from Gohar Publishers is their Wall charts series, which covers a wide range of educational topics. These charts are designed to supplement classroom learning and provide visual aids that aid in comprehension and retention. With Gohar Publishers, educators have access to a wealth of resources to enhance their teaching methods.


Introduction to Gohar SNC Series

In keeping up with the evolving educational landscape, Gohar Publishers now proudly presents the Gohar S.N.C series. Developed based on the new single national curriculum and approved by DCTE, NCC, and PCTB, these syllabus books are aligned with the latest educational standards. Gohar Publishers understands the importance of adhering to approved curriculum guidelines to ensure that students receive the best possible education.


Gohar Group

Gohar Publishers is not just about textbooks. As part of the same group, Hamdard Books and Babar Books also contribute to the rich collection of educational materials. The comprehensive range of offerings from Gohar Publishers tries hard that there is something for every student and educator. Gohar group is also famous for their social work like free dispensaries, free text books for deserving students, free hajj training, free distribution of meals etc.



Salient Features that Set Gohar Publishers Apart:


1. Premium Quality School Books:

Gohar Publishers takes pride in producing textbooks of the highest quality. The carefully curated content is meticulously researched, ensuring accuracy and relevance.


2. Approved Syllabus:

Rest assured that Gohar Publishers’ textbooks are aligned with the syllabus approved by the concerned authorities. This guarantees that students are equipped with the required knowledge and skills.


3. 24/7 Availability:

With Gohar Publishers, access to educational materials is just a click away. Whether you are a student or a teacher, you can conveniently explore their offerings anytime, anywhere.


4. E-Books and Support:

Gohar Publishers understands the need for flexibility in the modern digital age. That’s why they provide e-books as well as dedicated support to ensure a seamless learning experience.


5. Teacher Resources:

Gohar Publishers goes the extra mile to support educators in their teaching journey. From key books and model papers to schemes of studies, free training workshops & helpful video tutorials, they provide valuable resources to enhance teaching effectiveness.


6. Affordable Pricing:

Gohar Publishers believes that quality education should be accessible to everyone at grass root level. They offer their educational materials at affordable prices, making them a smart choice for both private and government schools.


7. Colorful and Eye Catching:

Gohar Publishers’ books are designed to captivate students’ attention. The vibrant colors and engaging visuals create an immersive learning environment that promotes active engagement.



8. ISO 9001:2015 Certified:

Gohar Publishers adheres to international quality standards. This certification reflects their commitment to maintaining excellence in their offerings.


9. Recognition by Govt:

The quality of Gohar Publishers’ materials is widely recognized, with many books being selected by the AJK & Punjab Textbook Boards. Their educational resources are used in both private & public sector schools, demonstrating their credibility and impact in the education sector.



Does Gohar publishers offer discount on their books?

Yes, but only to schools, retailers and in case of bulk purchase. Percentage of discount is different for schools and retailers and for different series.


Gohar Publishers Books & Price List

You may view the details about Gohar Publishers books and their rate list on their official portal. Link has been given below;

Click Here To Check Latest Gohar Publishers Books & Price List


Final Remarks

In conclusion, Gohar Publishers is the go-to destination for high-quality educational materials in Pakistan. With a wide range of meticulously developed book series, a commitment to approved syllabus guidelines, and an array of additional resources, Gohar Publishers is dedicated to empowering students and supporting educators on their educational journey. Trust Gohar Publishers to provide the tools you need for success.



FAQs About Gohar Publishers

Now its time to read FAQs about Gohar Publishers Lahore;

1. What is Gohar Publishers?

A-Gohar Publishers is a leading publishing house that specializes in producing high-quality syllabus & text books and educational materials of school level.

2. Where is Gohar Publishers located?

A-Gohar Publishers is located in 11-Urdu Bazar, Lahore, Pakistan.

3. What types of books does Gohar Publishers publish?

A-Gohar Publishers publishes various genres of books, key books, Islamic books, educational textbooks, self-help & children's books.

4. Who is Abu Zar Ghaffari?

A-Abu Zar Ghaffari is the Managing Director of Gohar publishers and author cum publisher of unlimited books.

5. What are the contact numbers of Gohar Publishers?

A-042-37358161 and 042-37352492 are the landline numbers of Gohar publishers.

6. How can I purchase books from Gohar Publishers?

A. You can purchase books from Gohar Publishers through their official website, online retailers, or visit their physical stores, if available in your area.

7. Does Gohar Publishers have any physical bookstores or authorized retailers?

A-Gohar Publishers may have physical bookstores or authorized retailers in certain locations. It is recommended to check their website or contact their customer support for the list of authorized retail partners or physical stores, if available in your area.

8. How can I purchase books from Gohar Publishers?

A- Books published by Gohar Publishers can be purchased through various channels. You can buy them directly from their official website i.e https://goharpublishers.com, from leading bookstores or through online retailers.

9. Who is the founder of Gohar Publishers?

A-Haji M Hussain Gohar is the founder Chairman of Gohar publishers.

10. Which are the sister organizations of Gohar publishers?

A- Hamdard book depot, first private Islamic museum in Pakistan and Babar book depot.