Gik Institute ECAT Entry Test 2024 Intro, Format, Tips

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Giki ECAT Entry Test 2024 Introduction, Pattern & Tips
Complete information and latest details on Gik Institute ECAT entry test 2024 are here. This university serve many engineering degree programs and their entry test usually take place and officially been organized in the cities at Rawalpindi, Peshawar. Test venues are also organized in the cities of Lahore, Quetta and applicants can mark the cities like Karachi and Multan as their test centre as well.


This entry test as taken by this GIKI university is made for the students who wants to be BS computer engineering studies or BS chemical engineering studies program. If any one wants to enroll in BS electrical engineering program or he wants to be in this BS management sciences program, then registering for this ECAT test is must for him. Then this test is made for those category of applicants too who wants to be in BS computer science program or they want to admit in BS mechanical engineering program.



Gik Institute ECAT Entry Test 2024 Intro, Format, Tips



Test Pattern Details Issued by GIK Institute

First you have to be notified that in this Gik Institute ECAT entry test 2024, you will get just multiple choice questions. No theory based questions are a part for this entry test.



In English portion, students will have 20 MCQs. Then this test comprise of physics and mathematics portions and in each of these portions, 30 each MCQs will come and required to be solved by the student.



Total Marks for Giki ECAT Entry Test 2024

This GIKi university entrance test total marks is 200. Total time allowed will be 120 minutes and every applicant has to put up its best effort to complete this test in total 120 minutes time frame.
On giving and solving the correct answer, the student will be awarded with 2.5 marks. If he will give and attempt incorrect answer, then note that minus one mark will be deducted.



Weightage Details Issued by GIK Institute for Their Giki ECAT Entry Test 2024

Moving to the weightage section, you have to give your best in this test because it hold weight-age up to 85%. 10% weightage is given to HSSC exam marks and 5% weight age is carried by SSC exam score.
The same weight-age pattern should be followed by A-level students. If you are from this A-Level and O-Level education background, then 15% weight age is being carried by these education categories.



Overall Details of Conditions to Apply and Sit for Giki ECAT Entry Test 2024

HSSC Pre Engineering Category

First the category of HSSC students will be discussed. Pre engineering students are on the valid basis can apply for GIK Institute entry test and their combination of subject selection part should comprises of physics, chemistry and mathematics. It is must for HSSC pre engineering students to get 60% or above scoring marks.


HSSC (Pre-Medical) Category

Those HSSC pre medical students who along with their studies have included additional mathematics subject as well in their optional subjects, then then apply for GIKI entry test.


A-Level Category

Your A-level studies have to be done in three subjects which are mathematics and subject of physics and also subject of chemistry. You can have D or above grade in the subject of mathematics and too physics. And your O-Level should be passed in eight subjects.


American High School and Canadian High School Diploma Holders

For this category, your main studies should be passed and too cleared in subjects like mathematics, calculus, subject of physics and subject of chemistry along with 60% or above scoring marks. We have also written a separate detailed and comprehensive article tips for clearing the GIK Institute entry test, here is the link of that recommended article for you.


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