Feng Shui Tips For Home Construction in Urdu & English

Best Feng Shui Tips & Tricks For Home Construction 
We have Feng Shui tips for home construction in Urdu for you. It is true that every single person wants to construct and build a dream kind of house in his life. So which are those basic home construction tips which everyone has to keep in mind, we will tell you! Your rooms have to be airy and completely ventilated and most of all they should be spacious and big in their size. If your rooms are small in their size then they will look more congested. There should be less furniture placed in your house rooms. Minimum placement of furniture items is important and should be done from your side.

Feng Shui Tips for Home Construction
Construct your home in a way that maximum amount of sunlight should reach to the maximum areas and portions of your home. Your rooms should be lighted with this sunlight. Do you that in China and Japan, special attention is given while constructing homes, if your home is constructed in a brilliant way, then you will always live happily over there. If it is not constructed according to your desires, then you will feel exhausted over there.

Color selection of your rooms is very important, carefully select the color contrast and combination for your rooms. There are some colors which can make your rooms spacious and there are few of the combinations which can give a congested look to your rooms.

In your home, that is in its outside and inside premises, there has to be plants and flowers, your home should look green. There is a go-green policy which is followed by many countries during home construction phase. You can put up small pots and seasonal flowers in and around the corners of your home, water them regularly and you will see that fresh ambiance will enter into your home.

Other Feng Shui Suggestions for Home Construction
There should be proper ventilation system in your newly constructed home, if there is no air movement in your home rooms then your living spaces will become sufficient. Make your rooms as much airy as you can, let air to cross in your living rooms as much and possible as it can!

Your lounge area should also be ventilated. The minute suffocation will enter into your home, then the real and pleasing ambiance of your home will be stolen. Fresh aroma and that pleasing comforting experience should come out and be seen in your home.

You can keep in touch with us over here and we will put up more of the Feng Shui home construction tips and suggestions. Now you can easily construct the dream home of yours, follow these tips and share your recently constructed home picture with us as well. If you have also come up with your own home construction tips then share those with us, we are eager to listen those tips from your side.

Feng Shui Tips For Home Construction in Urdu & English

Feng Shui Tips For Home Construction in Urdu & English