Fauji Foundation Scholarships 2024-25 Schedule, Form Download

Fauji Foundation Announces The Schedule For Scholarships 2024-25, Application Form

Schedule for Fauji foundation scholarships for year 2024-25 has been announced by the concerned authorities. These Fauji foundation scholarships will be for retired army personals and their family members. These scholarships will be awarded to students of following groups;




Group 1-For Intermediate & DAE students who have got at least 80% marks in matriculation exam.
Group 2-For students of 4-5 years graduation programs who have got minimum 80 percent numbers in FA and F.Sc.
Group 3-Cadet College students of pre matric students will be given scholarships on promotion to next class.
Group 4 is a special group for students of class one to grade 10th. These Fauji foundation scholarships are for orphan, disable students and for those students whose parents have gone on pension due to disability or have martyred.



More Information About Fauji Foundation Scholarships 2024

You can send the scholarship forms for group 1 & 2 from 0st November to 0st May. For group 3 applications will be received from 0st Jan to 0th June. Students from group 4 can apply from 0st April to 0th June. Amount of scholarships will be paid in July, August and September.



Points To Remember

Application forms received after the given schedule will be rejected. For getting Fauji foundation scholarships under group 2 students will have to open bank account in any Askari bank branch. Both male and female students are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Scholarship application forms will be available from following places;
District armed services board
Fauji foundation model schools
Vocational and technical training centers
Fauji foundation head office 68 Tipu road Chaklala



Final Words

At the time of filling the form kindly read and follow the given instructions. Fauji foundation scholarship forms are also available online at http://www.fauji.org.pk/fauji/downloads. Other than above mentioned classes and courses all other Fauji foundation scholarships have been cancelled from 2024-25. As per revised scholarships policy wards of officers are not eligible for these scholarships except group 2 and 4. Now there is not condition for not taking scholarship from any other department except W&R directorate of concerned service. For more information visit www.fauji.org.pk or your nearest district armed services board. Newspaper ad in Urdu has also been given below.



Fauji Foundation Scholarships 2024-25 Schedule, Form Download

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