Fast University Entry Test 2024 Guide & Model Papers

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (Fast University Lahore) Entry Test 2024 Guide and Model Papers
This FAST university university will sooner take their entry test and details of this Fast University entry test 2024 guide & model papers are here. Their entry test is always composed of the system of negative marking and it is one of the strict pre admission tests because no calculator or other device is allowed. First we will tell that how much weightages are assigned to each of their test sections:



Fast University Entry Test 2024 Guide & Model Papers

Fast University

Weightages Given to BBA, BS Accounting and Finance Programs Entry Test 2024

First the details of their BBA and BS accounting and finance entry test is discussed. For this degree program entrance test, you will prepare English portion as 15% weightage is given to it. Then you will prepare English essay portion because 15% weightage is assigned to it. Then a student will prepare analytical skills questions because the weightage of this section is 30%. Then the candidate has to study for basic mathematics subject because the weightage given to this portion is 40%.



Weightages Given to BS Computer Science and Engineering Programs Entry Test 2024

Now moving to their BS computer science program test, or if one is applying in their BS engineering program, then the candidate has to prepare these portions for his entry test phase and they are English subject, it has 10% weightage in this test. Analytical skills questions have 20% weightage, 20% weightage is given to basics mathematics subject and 40% weightage is given to advanced mathematics subject. Lastly, 10% weightage is given to the portion and section of physics.



Weightages Given to MBA 1.5 Year Program Entry Test 2024

The entry test details to be in their MBA 1.5 year program, 10% portion is of English subject, 5% portion is of essay writing. 20% portion is of IQ level, 10% portion shall come from advanced math section, 40% portion shall come from specialization area, 15% portion will come from the section of quantitative methods.



Weightages Given to MS (SPM) Program Entry Test 2024

Similarly, you will prepare English and essay writing sections and advanced math questions and MCQs on analytical skills will come too. Quantitative methods questions and MCQs on your specialization field and area shall come also.



NU Eligibility Conditions

It is must for all set of applicants that they should have and scored 60% marks in their SSC matric exams, at the same time 60% marks in their HSSC pre engineering exams should be scored by them.



Admission Policy Stated by Fast University (NU)

You can show your score of NTS-NAT test to qualify the seat and confirm admission in this FAST university. From the entry test, 50% weightage will be considered. Your 50% weightage from HSSC marks will be put in the merit list as well. To put the weightage of your matriculation marks, note that admission committee will multiply your matric exam score with the factor of 0.9 and they will be included in the final weightage line of your intermediate marks.



This FAST university has always followed the policy of online test. Before you apply, confirm that you can easily use the computer system as your admission test will be taken on the computer systems. More info on Fast University entry test 2024 guide, model papers will come and shared.


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