Everything You Need to Know About Daad Scholarship 2024-Free Study in Germany

Study Abroad-Daad Scholarship 2024 Guide For Pakistani Students-Study Abroad Scholarships in Germany
Have you been thinking about applying for the DAAD scholarship 2024? If yes, then you should not be missing out checking this blog post, because right here we will be explaining all the important details about the DAAD scholarship for your assistance. But first of all let us just explain to you that what DAAD scholarship 2024 is all about.



Introduction DAAD Scholarship 2024

DAAD scholarship is one of the most top wanted scholarship programs which is becoming so much famous all over the world. This program has been giving a golden chance to the students from all regions to make a successful career in the field of education. Right through this scholarship program, student will be able to study in the best educational universities of Germany. On the basis of the program degree you have selected, the duration of this scholarship will be around 12 or 36 months.


List of Programs/Courses offered in DAAD Scholarship 2024

Below is the list of all those programs that is offered in the timeline of DAAD scholarship 2024 for the students:



Everything You Need to Know About Daad Scholarship 2024-Free Study in Germany


Social sciences
Regional planning and urban development
Environmental sciences
Media studies


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Why applying for DAAD Scholarship 2024 is so much important?

There have been so many benefits on the basis of which you should be applying for this best scholarship program for your future success. All those students who are from Pakistan, in case if they got selected for the master’s course, they will be awarded with
850,000 euro payment on monthly basis. All those students who are from Pakistan, in case if they got selected for the PhD course, they will be awarded with 1200, 00 euro payment on monthly basis. Allowance of the research has been set to be EUR 230, 00.
This whole scholarship will be covering the tuition fee of the respective student along with the health service, insurance services and travel service allowance.



Eligibility Criteria For DAAD Scholarship 2024 Application

All those students who are applying for it they should be having the 4 years of degree course in the selected field.
Pakistani applicants should be having at least 2 years of working experience as well.
Pakistani students are also required to acquire the German training session program for at least 6 months. The minimum course of German level that has been set for scholarship is B1.
There are few requirements for the test score in English proficiency as well including with TOEFEL and IELTS -6.



Important Documents Required for DAAD Scholarship 2024

You need to attach the CV that has to be hand-signed.
Letter of motivation should be based on two pages that have to be hand-signed as well.
Letter of recommendation should also be attached from the side of employer.
All your academic documents should be attached as verified by the HEC Pakistan.
Attach your documents of English language proficiency related to TOEFEL & IELTS.




So this was the end of discussion about the DAAD scholarship 2024 and how you can easily apply for it as a Pakistani student. Don’t miss this golden chance and apply for it right now. Keep visiting study abroad category of arqumhouse.edu.pk for more alerts on free study in Germany.


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