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English Tenses Rules Online Test-Solved MCQs, Grammar Sample Paper

Learn English Grammar Tenses Rules, Online Quiz-Solved Multiple Choice Questions
Majority of our students get supply in English A or B paper. English is official language in almost all government offices of Pakistan. Even competitive exam is also taken in English language. Our students try to memorize answers of all subjective and objective questions as they can not write answers in their own words due to their weak English tenses and grammar. Such students can neither clear any important exam in their life nor they can get the job of their choice.

English Tenses

English Tenses Rules Online Test-Solved MCQs, Grammar Sample Paper

Memorizing the answers is not a solution of any problem. This strategy will take you no where. There is a need of improving your English tenses, vocabulary and grammar for success in all walks of life. We have given a verb tenses chart on this page for you. It will help you a lot in understanding the structure and format of all 12 English tenses. Our team is always here to guide you about English tenses rules. You may ask us any question on any topic freely. Our response time is awesome. We try to reply all queries in no time except the questions which require any kind of research work.

We have created a new quiz on English tenses rules. Through this English tenses rules online test you may check you skill to write accurate English sentences. Its our first test on English grammar, lot more advanced level online quizzes are in pipeline. We shall prove that we are the best free online tests provider website not only in Pakistan but in the whole world. We are thankful to all of our visitors for their great response and feedback. Now its time to take the English tenses rules online test. Don’t forget to visit and like our facebook page.

1. When s & es are removed from present indefinite sentences?


2. Which arrangement is right for active voice sentences of Present Indefinite?


3. Which form of verb is used in negative past indefinite sentences?


4. Shall be and will be helping verbs are used in __________ tense?


5. No helping verb is used in ___________tenses.


6. Helping verb shall is used with ________?


7. In which past tense second form of verb is used?


8. In which tense sometimes s and es are added with 1st form of verb?


9. In which three tenses been is added with helping verb?


10. Which helping verb is used with plurals in Present Perfect Tense?


11. Which form of verb is used in present, past and future perfect tenses?


12. Shall has and will has are used as helping verb in ______ tense.


13. Which form of verb is used in present, past and future continuous tenses?


14. Which helping verbs are used in Future Indefinite tense?


15. Which form of verb is used in all passive voice sentences?


16. Which helping verb is used in interrogative and negative sentences of Past Indefinite tense?


17. Helping verbs was and were are used in _________ tense?


18. Since and For are used in which three tenses?


19. Which form of verb is used in all three Perfect Continuous tenses?


20. Ing form of verb is used in ___________?


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