English Essay on Ramadan For Students of All Classes

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Ramadan is one of the Islamic month during which Muslims across the world take fast. It is an auspicious month of the year when believers endeavour to seek closeness to their Almighty Allah. It is a period of spiritual purification, self-improvement & charity. The significance of Ramadan is observed in almost every strand of Islamic teaching; it is a time devoted to contemplation & introspection of the Divine.




Background of Fasting Tradition

Originating from the pre-Islamic period, fasting has long been practised as a means of expressing piety & devotion to God. In some pre-Islamic cultures, it was part of the traditional religion to observe solar or lunar eclipses & fasting was commonly practiced during these times. As Allah states in the Quran: “O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous,” (Quran 2:183). Although these ideas were present pre-Islam, it was Islam which revoluionized it, popularizing fasting and making it a cornerstone of the faith. Islamic jurists claim that the Qur’an legitimised fasting in the same manner that it prescribed other common forms of worship such as prayer & alms-giving. The month of Ramadan was stated to be a period of obligatory self-denial in order to engender the spiritual growth & enlightenment of its practitioners.



Philosophy Behind Fasting in Ramazan

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the five core pillars of Islam & it supports and strengthens our faith by teaching self-discipline & allowing us to ponder upon the mercy of Allah. It is an act of spiritual cleansing & a way to attain taqwa (God-consciousness) & to draw closer to Allah.



Key Benefits of Ramadan

The benefits of fasting are multifaceted. It serves as a physical abstinence from worldly pleasures, allowing individuals to recognise their reliance on a higher power & fill their mind with thoughts of faith & devotion. Furthermore, one has the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of their blessings as they are required to abstain from the luxury that they are normally accustomed to. Thus, fasting essentially gives one the chance to practice self-constraint, humility & reliance on the Almighty, allowing them to assist the disadvantaged members of their community.



English Essay

English Essay on Ramadan For Students of All Classes


The reward of fasting during Ramadan is twofold. From a spiritual standpoint, Almighty God promises those who fast during this month & practise piety, an abundant blessing in the form of forgiveness & Paradise if they are deemed righteous in His eyes. On a physical level, Eid Ul Fitr marks the end of the month & is a joyous occasion celebrated by family gatherings, feasts & giving thanks.



Positive Effects of Fasting on Human Health

Apart from being a way of practising devotion to one’s Creator, Ramadan has a plethora of health benefits. Firstly, fasting has been known to have an effect on weight loss, as it assists in the regulation of one’s metabolism. During this month, individuals who partake in regular prayers & refrain from consuming any foodstuff benefit from the detoxification of their body, as well as the reduction in blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of coronary artery disease, as one is required to limit the level of Sodium present in their diet. Fasting helps to reduce cholesterol level and blood pressure, aiding in body detoxification. Fasting also reduces the risk of diabetes, as well as risk of coronary heart disease. Moreover, as there’s no distraction from food, it aids in healthy weight loss.



Connection of Fitrana & Eid with Ramadan

When the month of Ramadan ends, Muslims across the world come together to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. This celebration symbolizes the achieving of spiritual fulfilment & closeness to Allah, as well as thanking him for granting us the strength & courage to complete our fasts. After we’ve given the fitrana charity & performed the Eid prayer, the day is usually filled with gatherings, feasts & lots of merrymaking.



Final Words

Finally we can say that Ramadan is an Islamic festival implying a period of fasting, self-reflection & abstention from worldly vices and luxuries, as well as a celebration of faith & a connection to the Divine. The spiritual & physical benefits offered by the observance of Ramadan make it a rewarding & worthwhile event to those who partake in it. With the right heart and motivation, one can truly reap the rewards it has to offer.


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English Essay on Ramadan For Students of All Classes