Easypaisa Rates 2024, CNIC to CNIC Easy Paisa Charges Details

Easy Paisa Charges 2024 List, CNIC to CNIC Easypaisa Rates Detail
Today through this page we shall provide you list of easypaisa rates list 2024 for CNIC to CNIC money transfer. It is by the Telenor Pakistan company that this mobile money transfer service has been introduced. Here you will get the complete details on this easypaisa service. You will know about the charges details as well. Now most of the people have open up their easypaisa account. It is because of this account that they are given lots of discounts when transferring money from one CNIC to another CNIC. This service has come out as a change agent in Pakistan. Do you know that now almost all of the network connection companies have opened this service and people are really getting satisfactory benefit from it.


Details of Easypaisa Rates 2024

The rates of this easypaisa service, they are quite economical and affordable. You only have to pay for the service charges and this is all! Both of the sender and receiver, they will given SMS alerts so that they can get confirmation messages. The process to send money, it is quite simple. Note that both sender and receiver, they have to go for biometric thumb verification process. While you will send money, you have to give your thumb impression. And then upon receiving money, you have to give thumb impression on the bio-metric verification machine. This is a mandatory condition and no other person can receive the sent amount.



CNIC to CNIC Easy Paisa Charges Details

It is up to Rs 50000 that you can send money by using this service. Not only the Telenor customers can use and avail this service. in fact even the rest of the network connection customers, they can utilize this money transfer service too. It is in towns, cities and villages that easypaisa agents are located. Your cnic and phone number are needed and this is how money transfer proceeding is completed.
If you will check out their easypaisa rates list, then you will be surprised to know that how much convenient, affordable and budget friendly this service is! Their current easy paisa charges  list is mentioned on this page and you will hardly see any high rate in this list.


In terms of the alternatives, you can be using Jazz cash, UBL Omni, upaisa or zong paymax. Through these platforms, much ease and convenience have been brought in the lives of people. Now instead of opening up bank accounts, you can avail these simple to use platforms.



Final Words

If you does not have a bank account and you are looking for such money transfer service, then you should become the part of this easypaisa platform. Even by making an account on this platform, you will be given double great services. Here you can check all and A to Z easypaisa rates of this money transfer facility. If you have questions on this money transferring platform then ask from us. If some more improvement or better change will be brought in this platform, we will update you. You can share your experience if you have ever send or receive money by using easy paisa service. Now view and download the latest easypaisa rates given below this page.

Easypaisa Rates 2024, CNIC to CNIC Easy Paisa Charges Details


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