Digiskills Courses Admission 2024, Apply Online, Learn & Earn Online

Admission 2024 in Digiskills Free Certification Courses, Online Registration, Programs List

Digiskills.pk has invited applications for admission 2024 in digital skills free training courses. Ministry of Information Technology government of Pakistan, Virtual University of Pakistan and Ignite National Technology Fund have developed and designed these Digiskills courses. All these Digiskills courses are free for all. Training will be given online through lectures, videos and notes. These training courses are equally beneficial for students, freelancers, job seekers, house wives and professionals. 250,000 seats are available in current session of these training courses. Valid email ID, cell no and CNIC number, internet connection, laptop/PC/Smart Phone are required for online enrollment. Admission 2024 will be granted on first come first serve basis.



Brief Intro to Digiskills.pk

Digiskills.pk is a website that offers online courses in digital skills. The courses range from basic to advanced levels, and cover a variety of topics such as web designing, web development, digital marketing, and virtual assistant.




Explain Digital Skills

Digital skills are abilities related to the use of digital technology, such as the ability to use computers and software, to effectively solve problems and navigate the digital world. In short Digi skills are the abilities and knowledge required to perform tasks and use technologies in the digital world.



Importance of Digital Skills

Digital skills have become essentially in Pakistan. The lack of these digital skills is wasting the potential of many individuals. Building digital skills, therefore, will ensure more job opportunities for those individuals who have a desire to start careers but lack the appropriate skills.



Aim of Digiskills.pk

The program aims to train one million Pakistanis over a period of three years so they can enter or re-enter the job market with the required skills. So far, over one million people have registered for one or more courses on the Digiskills.pk platform and the target is to get to 3 million by June 2024.



Benefits of Digiskills Courses

There are many benefits of taking Digiskills courses. The most important benefit is that these courses can help individuals to improve their digital skills. With better digital skills, individuals can find better jobs and earn higher salaries. In addition, taking Digiskills courses can help individuals to become more efficient in their work, and they can also learn new ways to use technology.



List of Digiskills Courses

After completion of training a certificate by government of Pakistan will be given to successful students. Then students will be able to earn money online while staying at home. Classes of Digiskills courses will start from March 17, 2024. 01 April, 2024 is the last date. You may register yourself online at www.digiskills.pk till the announced last date. At present 10 Digiskills courses are being offered, soon more courses will also be launched. Here is the list of Digiskills courses which are being offered at present;


E-Commerce Management
Creative Writing Skills
Graphics Designing
Quick Books
WordPress Web Development
Auto CAD
Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)
Digital Marketing Techniques
Digital Literacy
Affiliate Marketing
VA or Virtual Assistant
Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
Video Editing, Animation and Vlogging
Digital Marketing, Communications and Soft Skills



Further Details About Digiskills.pk

All these courses are highly recommended for youth. You may opt maximum 2 courses at a time. New trainees will have to opt Freelancing course. No admission fee, certificate fee or any kind of charges will be received from students. You may get both e-certificate and hard copy of your certification. After training trainee may get interest free loan of up to Rs. 100,000/-. Lot of students have already changed their lives through these Digiskills courses. Now its your turn to learn and earn online. For any kind of query you can call at 0304-111-1570 or 0311-111-3444. For general questions send email at info@digiskills.pk and for technical questions send mail at tech_support@digiskills.pk.



Final Words

In concluding, Digiskills courses for 2024 present an accessible route to enhance digital skills through online admission. By applying online, individuals seize the opportunity to learn contemporary skills &  position themselves in the freelancing market. Embracing these courses enables earning while learning, thus fostering a culture of self-sufficiency & innovation in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Take the step, apply for admission 2024 in any 2 digiskill courses & transform your potential into real-world success.




Q 1: How do I apply for Digiskills Courses Admission 2024?

A 1: To apply for Digiskills Courses Admission 2024, visit their official website and fill out the application form available online. Make sure you provide accurate information as they will use it to evaluate your eligibility for the courses.

Q 2: Is there a fee for the courses offered by Digiskills Courses Admission 2024?

A 2: No, the courses offered by Digiskills Courses Admission 2024 are completely free of cost. You can learn and improve your skills without any financial burden.

Q 3: Can I earn money through Digiskills Courses Admission 2024 courses?

A 3: Yes, the courses offered by Digiskills Courses Admission 2024 are designed to help you learn practical skills that can be used to earn money online. Some of the courses such as Wordpress, SEO, Freelancing, and Affiliate Marketing are specifically designed to make you financially independent.

Q 4: What is the eligibility criteria for Digiskills courses?

A 4: Anyone who is a citizen of Pakistan and has basic computer knowledge can apply for Digiskills courses. There is no age limit, and individuals from any educational background can apply.

Q 5: What is the duration of Digiskills courses?

A 5: The duration of each Digiskills course is around 3 months. There are no fixed timings, and individuals can learn at their own pace.

Q 6: How can I benefit from Digiskills courses?

A 6: Digiskills courses can help individuals learn new skills and enhance their existing skills. This can help them in securing better job opportunities and also in becoming successful freelancers. They can earn money online by applying the skills learned through these courses.

Q 7: Do I get any certificate after completing the course?

A 7: Yes, Digiskills provides a completion certificate after you have successfully completed the course.

Q 8: Do I need any prior knowledge to enroll in the Digiskills Courses Admission 2024?

A 8: No, you don't need any prior knowledge to enroll in the Digiskills Courses Admission 2024. These short IT courses are designed to cater to beginners as well as experienced students.

Q 9: Is Digiskills Courses Admission 2024 available internationally?

A 9: No, Digiskills Courses Admission 2024 is only available for Pakistan, and Pakistani nationals can apply for it.


Digiskills Courses Admission 2024, Apply Online, Learn & Earn Online


Digiskills Courses Admission 2024, Apply Online, Learn & Earn Online