Get Fresh Currency Notes From SBP Via SMS on Eid 2024

Get New Currency Notes From State Bank of Pakistan Through SMS on Eid 2024

Now you can get fresh currency notes from SBP via SMS on Eid 2024. We know that all children gets 100% excited on the arrival of this Eid ul Fitr because on this Eid, they get cash amounts in the form of Eidi from their parents, elder brothers and sisters as well as from the elder members from their family relatives side. Their excitement gets double when they get fresh amount of currency notes. It is from start of April 2024 till Eid 2024 that you can get new and fresh range of currency notes from the State Bank of Pakistan by giving old currency notes and in return you will get these fresh notes.



Process to Get Fresh Currency Notes from SBP Via SMS on Eid 2024

There are some restrictions and limits put down as well in this scheme, like you can only get 3 copies of Rs 10. And you can only get 1 copy of Rs.50 and 1 copy of Rs 100. This is the limit which is placed on every single individual and you cannot get and receive more amount of fresh currency notes by keeping in mind this limit. We can say that a single individual can get Rs 18000 in the form of new currency notes.



It is from the time of 2015 that State Bank of Pakistan has introduced this SMS system with the help of it, you can get new notes for yourself. To process this system, you have to send SMS on 8877 and on this number, you have to send your CNIC details and the branch code of your bank. This SMS system will make the booking of yours so that you can easily get the new one currency notes for your children before Eid.



Other Details of Getting Fresh Currency Notes From SBP

After sending the SMS, you will get this transaction code details, branch code information, total and final quantity of currency notes and the final date to receive them. All these details will be mentioned in that SMS.



Note that to receive these new currency notes, you can use a single mobile phone number and single CNIC number for one time only. Like if you have placed a request by using your CNIC, then you cannot use that CNIC again for putting again the request.



To know the branch codes of different banks, you can contact with the helpline staff of State Bank of Pakistan and Pakistan banks association. They will let you know about all branch codes of all banks working in Pakistan.


Final Remarks

When you will visit the mentioned bank to receive the copy of your fresh currency notes, then do not forget to take original copy of your CNIC. Without showing the copy of your original CNIC, you cannot receive the new currency notes. Follow this method and this is how to get fresh currency notes from SBP via SMS on Eid 2024. Now read the guide in Urdu.

Get Fresh Currency Notes From SBP Via SMS on Eid 2024



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