Creative Writing Tips in Urdu & English

Here creative writing tips in Urdu & English are shared with the readers. One should have a strong grip on his creative writing skills. You need to follow some emergency tips and get start with writing something catchy looking paragraphs. You should know how to write a meaningful dialogue and bunch of sentences. Check out these creative writing tips and improve this writing portion of yours:

Creative Writing Tips in Urdu & English

Creative Writing Tips in Urdu & English


Write About The Thing Which You Are Familiar With

You should first creatively write about the thing which you know and comfortable at! We know that to become an experienced in creative writing write, it needs time and patience. There are no exact and accurate rules to become an expert in writing. You only need a practise. So first start writing about those things which you know about them! You can make use of such settings and characters, you can use such backgrounds as well as language with whom you have gained familiarity.


Using Your Imagination

To improve this creative writing skill power of yours, you have to use your imagination only. You can think about new characters and new situations, you can think about and write on new relationships as well as on new events. You can even write about different historical times. Take your imagination and creative level to another different level. More you will think differently and creatively, better and great will be for you!


Read Extensively

You should be reading extensively if you want to make your creative writing skill to reach to 100% status. Do you know that creative writers love to read, it is true! No matter you love to read modern poetry or literary fiction, no matter you like yo read short stories or some kind of fantasy, being a creative writer, you have to explore these field. Only then you can become a good and even a great writer!


Let Your Characters Talk

You should write in a way and manner that your characters will start to talk on their own. Your piece of writing should be that much impressive that your situations and characters talk automatically on their own. Your piece of writing has to fresh and also authentic in its terms.


Avoid Getting Much Descriptive

You need to write in a manner that your creative writing piece should not become that much descriptive and instead it should be short an catchy. You should not use too much adjective and too much adverbs in your piece of writing. Instead you can slow down your narration and let your readers to first take interest in your creative writing piece.


Make Your First Draft as Much Perfect as You Can

You should try to make your first draft of creative writing as much perfect as you can. You have to manage a great quality even in your first draft of creative writing. Aim for the best results always.

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