Comwave Institute Islamabad Admission 2024

Comwave Institute Islamabad Admission 2024 in Distance Learning Programs

Comwave Institute Islamabad, an approved education center of Sarhad University of Sciences & Information Technology (SUIT), Peshawar, is all set to welcome aspiring students for spring admission 2024. With three campuses located in Islamabad, Haripur & Abbottabad, Comwave Institute is one of the leading institutes offering quality higher education in a wide range of disciplines through distance education.


Programs Offered:

Comwave Institute offers a diverse range of undergraduate programs that are not only relevant but also job-oriented. The programs offered for spring 2024 admissions are:


Comwave Institute Islamabad Admission 2023

Comwave Institute Islamabad Admission 2024


1- Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)
2-BS Computer Science (BSCS)
3-BS Software Engineering (BSSE)
4- Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
5-BS in Commerce (BSC)
6-Bachelor of Education (BS Education)
7-Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
8-Bachelor of Science in Textile & Fashion Design
9-Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts
10-Bachelor of Science in Sports Sciences & Physical Education
11-One Year Diploma in Drawing Master (DDM)
12-Junior Diploma in Physical Education (JDPE)
13-Bachelor of Science in Library Science


Facilities at Comwave Institute Islamabad:

Comwave Institute boasts of highly educated faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. This Comwave institute Islamabad has a well-stocked library with excellent online resources that cater to the needs of the all classes students. In addition to these facilities, the Comwave institute Islamabad provides professional career counseling services to ensure that students make the right career choices.


Details of Facilities

Comwave Institute is known for its job-oriented programs that prepare students to enter the workforce with the right skill sets. The institute offers a wide array of facilities, including:

1-Anatomy Laboratory
2-Bio Mechanics Laboratory
3-Electrical Laboratory
4-Electro Therapy Laboratory
5-Health Science Laboratory
6-Physiology Laboratory
7-IT Laboratory
8-Transport Facility


Comwave Institute, being a responsible institute, understands that the financial burden of education can be daunting. Therefore, the institute provides scholarships to eligible students based on their academic performances in the previous semester.



Comwave Institute Islamabad Admission 2024:

The admission 2024 process at Comwave Institute Islamabad is not difficult to follow. Students can obtain information & prospectus by contacting the institute located at F-8 Markaz, Islamabad. The office is open on Sundays, making it convenient for students who cannot visit during the weekdays.



Comwave Institute Islamabad Contact Details

For all your queries, you can contact Comwave Institute through SMS and Whatsapp messages on 0312-5343894 & 0304 111 6260, or by calling its landline numbers at at 051-2287258/9. You can even visit the institute personally & get all the required information.



Comwave Institute is an excellent choice for those who seek quality education that is both relevant and job-oriented. In short this Comwave Institute offers range of undergraduate programs, highly-educated faculty members & state-of-the-art educational cum extracurricular facilities, which have made it one of the leading institutes providing distance education. So, what are you waiting for now after reading the above mentioned details? Apply for Comwave Institute admission 2024 right now & take the first step towards a bright future. Before applying online you may also read the details given in newspaper ad and official portal of this prestigious institute of distance learning. Good luck;



FAQs About Comwave Institute Admission 2024 in Distance Learning Programs

Here are some FAQs with answers about Comwave Institute admission 2024 in distance learning programs;

Q 1: What is Comwave Institute?

A 1: Comwave Institute is a renowned institution that provides high-quality distance learning programs in various fields.

Q 2: How can I apply for admission to Comwave Institute?

A 2: You can apply for admission to Comwave Institute by visiting their website and filling out the online application form.

Q 3: Can I transfer credits from other institutions to Comwave Institute?

A 3: Yes, Comwave Institute accepts transfer credits from other institutions, as long as they meet the requirements and standards of the program you wish to enroll in.

Q 4: Does Comwave Institute offer financial aid to students?

A 4: Yes, Comwave Institute offers financial aid to eligible students in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans.

Q 5: What are the available distance learning programs at Comwave Institute?

A 5: Comwave Institute offers a wide range of distance learning programs in various fields, including business, IT, healthcare, education, humanities and many more.