Complete MCPS Exam Guide

Here we have come about with the complete MCPS exam guide for the applicants who are planning out to apply for it very soon as this year. It is to be highlighted that the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan is a firm that is said out to be all responsible for the purpose of the registration of Postgraduate Doctors of Pakistan. Currently, CPSP is offering in the regions of the FCPS I, II and MCPS. MCPS is the abbreviation of the membership of college of physicians and surgeons Pakistan.

Complete MCPS Exam Guide

Complete MCPS Exam Guide

Important Information About MCPS Exam Guide:

If you want to sit in the examination, then it is important that you should be having at least one year of the MBBS house job in any institution recognized by pmdc and cpsp. Otherwise you would not be allowed to make an appearance in the test.

Details About Format of MCPS:

The MCPS examination has been added up with the 2 parts as mentioned below:
Theory that contains two essay type papers
Clinical and viva vice
Only those candidates who qualify in the section of the theory will be called for the next stage of the clinical and viva examination.

List of Main Specilizations in which MCPS is Offered:

Now below we will be coming up with some of the main list of departments in which MCPS is offered to the students:
Chest Diseases
Ch_Diseases Tuberculosis
Community Medicine
Diagnostic Radiology
Family Medicine
Obstetrics Gynaecology
It is to be highlighted that the MCPS theory examination is held as just twice a year in months of March and in the month of September.

Talk About Main Pros of MCPS Exam Guide:

This examination test is very much easy to do.
It is being overall arranged with the shorter residency period.
It has the infusion of the seats that are easily available.
It is being settled at the best with the designation of specialist.

Talk About Main Cons of MCPS Exam Guide:

Hence the major drawback of this test is that it is less worth than FCPS.
It does not come up with any offers of no teaching post in medical colleges.
Plus at the same time it is less worth as against foreign qualifications even in Pakistan.
This test is not recognized worldwide as you have to give registration papers or the liscencing exams.
If you are giving out the MCPS examination from Pakistan, then it is important that you should be holding either a valid passport or a valid state that is to be issued SMART National Identity Card as their ID (Identification Documents). Otherwise you can also put together the submission of the supplemental ID or the CNIC, or the Driver’s license.

Was this complete MCPS exam guide informative for you? It might appears to be simple for you in terms of getting excellent scores but as it is an international based test so be sure that you are proficient best in your English skills.