Complete FCPS Guide

Have you been in search of the complete FCPS guide? If yes, then we are sure that right through this piece of article you would be able to get complete sum of information in this regard. FCPS is basically the test that is carried out for the applicants who are linked with the field of medicine and doctor. Scroll down and catch each single minor and major information as in relation with the FCPS examination!

Complete FCPS Guide


Time Required for FCPS Examinations:

Normally the time for the preparation of the FCPS will varies from one person to another. Applicants who will be making an appearance in the test will be varied as from one type to another as mentioned below:
There will be some of the applicants who will be coming over with the full 6 months to preparation.
Whereas there will be some of the candidates who will come over with the 2 months of the preparation as due to the short time duration.
Hence the average time that varies as in favor of the preparation would be from 2-7 months of the duration. There are no particular sort of hard and fast rules that are needed to be follow up in the preparation techniques. You merely have to give two to three readings to your selected books and bring out to attempt 60-70% MCQ books questions correctly in the very first attempt.

List of Brief Account Of Books To Study For FCPS Part 1:

In the FCPS there are two most important things that are needed to be put into the consideration as mentioning with the USMLE First Aid and yet the Practicing MCQs. Below we would briefly give away the list of some of the important syllabus books to go through in the preparation of the FCPS test examinations:

1.MCQ Books & Past Papers:

You should be heading towards checking the MCQ books and the past papers. They will particularly be giving you out with some sort of idea related with the pattern of the examinations. These past papers will often be helping you out as if there are any sort of room of mistakes in your custody. You should be able to read at least three mcq books plus three latest past papers.

2. Anatomy:

This is taken as one of the best book options for the students of the medicine. This book is best for the students who do not want to waste much of their time in the subject of Anatomy in FCPS.

3. NeuroAnatomy:

This is another one of the best options to score high in the FCPS test as in accordance with the taste. Snell’s Neuroanatomy is one of the better choice for the purpose of the reference if you have enough time.

Apart from this complete FCPS guide, we would make you suggest out that you should do maximum rest as one day before the examination. You should have a confidence in you that you know everything.