Comparison Between Scope of BSc, BA and BS Degrees in Pakistan

Career Counseling About Scope of BSc, BA and BS Degrees in Pakistan
Do you know about the actual difference between these BSc, BA, BS degrees, we will explain to you on this area! This BA program and this BSc program, it is of 2 years duration and you can complete this graduation course of yours after completing your intermediate education. Then we have BS program and it has the duration of 4 years, this same BS program can be applied after passing your inter education. Here you can check out the complete comparison information on the scope of these BSc, BA, BS degrees:

Difference Between The Scope of BSc, BA and BS Degrees
This BSc is a traditional associate degree program and it is all linked with the science subjects. After completing your BSc studies, you can then enroll in MSc studies. Then this BA degree is the graduate degree program for the students of humanities and after finishing this BA program, you can pursue with the MA program studies.



Comparison Between Scope of BSc, BA and BS Degrees in Pakistan

On the other hand, this BS degree, it is now considered and mark equivalent to the MA and M.Sc degree program, As this BS program is of four years duration and on the technical note, that student complete his 16 years of education. So if you have pass BS studies, that means you can do your M.Phil studies.

It is because of these BS level degree programs that you can get admission easily in the foreign universities, as the international and foreign universities demand 16 years of education. So it has become easy for the Pakistani students to directly admit themselves in the foreign universities for their master studies after finishing their BS program studies.

Which One is Better? BSc, BA Or BS
If we compare these BSc, BA, BS degrees then we can say that BS degree is a better option. It is a productive choice because completing this BS degree will directly take you to the MS or Mphil admission phase.

On the other hand, if you want to save your time and you want to quickly get a job then opting two years span of BA degree or BSc degree is a recommended option as well.

In most of the BS degree programs, the medium of instruction is English and you get more exposure. On the other side, the medium of instruction in these BA level and Bsc degrees level, at times it is in Urdu and at times, it is in English.

In the local job market and too in the foreign job market, this BS degree has a great scope and expansion point present in it. Though this degree is of four years but still it is highly and extremely recommended to the students.

This BA degree and BSc degree, it runs on the annual exam system on the usual terms and basis. But this BS degree, it has semester system present in it and this semester system is preferred and just approved by the foreign universities.