Career & Scope of Merchant Navy Field in Pakistan-Tips in Urdu/English

Career Counseling About Scope of Merchant Navy Field in Pakistan-Golden Tips in Urdu and English LanguagesĀ 
The sector of merchant navy in Pakistan has its own repute. You can make a career in this sector easily, first you have to take admission in the marine academy which is located in Karachi. This is the training institution in Karachi where you will start to make your career as a merchant navy officer. It is in the months of August and September that you can take admission in this marine academy and this admission process takes place in every year in these two months. To be in this academy, you have to pass your inter education in pre engineering or you can have equivalent education, you should have second division and you have to be the citizen of Pakistan.

Eligibility to Be in MerchantĀ Navy Marine Academy
Your age should not be more than 20 years. It is only on the merit terms that you will get the admission and you will be examined on medical terms as well. Your weight should be at least 110 pounds and your height should be 5 feet 4 inches. Your chest dimensions should be 30 inches. Your overall health should be good and you should be great in your communication zone.

Scope Details of Merchant Navy
In this marine academy, you will get the training for two years and this training mode is based on four semesters. In these two years, you will get off and have vacations in months of June and July and winter vacations will be of 15 days.

After completing this training of two years, you will get a degree of BSc in maritime studies. Then you can either be enrolled in the nautical branch or in the engineering branch. In this nautical branch, you will be directly linked to flying of planes section and in the engineering branch, you will be concerned with the engine and other technical to handle parts of planes.

Nautical Branch
You will be completing 33 months of training on this department. You will be posted as desk cadet after completing this training duration. Then you will appear in the certificate of competency exam and after passing this exam, you will become a third officer. Once you will pass this third level examination, then you will become a second officer and after going through this second level examination, you will be promoted as a chief officer.

Engineering Branch
Training in this engineering branch comprise of three years, it is the naval engineering workshop that this training is carried out. After passing the second level exam, you will become a junior engineer or counted as a fifth engineer. Then you will become a second engineer after clearing 4th as well as 3rd level of examination.
This is how people of Pakistan can make their way and career into this merchant navy field line. Stay connected with and its facebook page for more details of this sector. Here is a career counseling article on scope of merchant navy in Urdu language.

Career & Scope of Merchant Navy Field in Pakistan-Tips in Urdu/English

Career & Scope of Merchant Navy Field in Pakistan-Tips in Urdu/English


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