Career & Scope of MA Economics in Pakistan, Subjects, Jobs, Eligibility

Career Counseling About Scope of M.Sc or MA Economics in Pakistan, Subjects, Jobs & Eligibility Criteria 
The field of economics, it has become quite a dynamic one. Here you can read the career and scope worth information of this MA economics degree program in Pakistan. It is in different business schools of Pakistan that this program is taught. This is a master level program and it is of span of 2 years, normally after completing your bachelor studies, you enroll in this MA economics program. This is a professional degree program and carries a lot of worth, it has a high demand in the job marker of our country. Almost every single private sector and too public sector universities are offering this program. To be prepared for the commercial sector as well as for the corporate sector, to become a professional economist, this degree of MA economics has to be there in your hands.

MA (Master of Arts)

Career & Scope of MA Economics in Pakistan, Subjects, Jobs, Eligibility

Scope and Subject Details of MA Economics in Pakistan
As this program of MA economics, it carries a huge scope in it, this program prepares you in the way so that you can work in the financial institutions easily. If you have a bachelors degree right in the subject of economics then you can easily be admitted in this program. The student study subjects like microeconomics, business and economics subject, subject of fundamentals of management, financial accounting and macroeconomics subject, fundamentals of marketing and management information subject.

Then in this program of MA economics, you also study and learn about these subjects which are financial management and entrepreneurship, the subject of managerial economics and international economics are part of this program too. Then the subject of business research methods, investment analysis, advanced financial management, labor economics, development economics, all of these are the important courses of this program of MA economics.

Further you will study about the subjects of environmental economics and agricultural economics, the subject of human resource management and business analysis, then we have subject of business communication and too report writing, public finance, Islamic code of business ethics, the subject of budgeting and forecasting, economics of transportation, all of this is the complete list of courses and subjects are which are part of MA economics.

Job Options After Completing MA Economics in Pakistan
If you have this degree then there are so much in number of career options which you can opt and right there have them on your table. You can become the part of the banking sector or serve in the public policy institutes.

You can work in the investment companies or in the budget and planning department. Then these degree holders can work in the manufacturing units or in the business house. You can contribute and look for the job in the HR department or in the higher education institutes.

Then these accounting and audit firms, then we have stock market companies and Forex companies, we have different trading companies and consultancy firms, all these options and sectors demand MA economics degree holders.