Career & Scope of LLM (Master of Laws) Syllabus, Eligibility, Jobs

What is The Scope of LLM (Master of Laws) in Pakistan? Career, Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria, Specializations 
The study and degree programs related to the law field line, they are getting much popular in Pakistan these days. Here our focus will be on this LLM degree program, this is the master level program in which you study all and in-detail about the law subjects. This is a research based program or you can say that it is a post graduate level degree program. If you want to be in legal field then completing and passing this LLM degree is important for you. It is a regular program but some of the universities also offer this program during the evening time so that the practicing lawyers can take admission in this program too. This program has its functioning under the annual exam system basis and now this recommendation is given by the higher education commission of Pakistan that semester system should be started for this program.

How to Get Admission in LLM Program?
You can get entry into this LLM program if you have passed your LLB studies, you should have second division in that LLB program of yours, this is how any one of you can get admitted in this LLM program.

Scope of LLB & LLM in Pakistan-Law Colleges, Career, Problem & Suggestions

Career & Scope of LLM (Master of Laws) Syllabus, Eligibility, Jobs

Areas of Specialization in This LLM Degree Program
You can do your specialization in these areas and they are in the subject of corporate law, international trade law, international law, the subject of human rights, Islamic commercial law, Muslim family law, taxation law and the subject of intellectual property law.

Why to Be in Master of Law Program? Scope of LLM Program
This program of LLM, it is quite a beneficial degree program for all of you, there are many reasons for this statement. This program opens up the career path for you on a wider note, you can work as a lecturer in the law schools or you can serve as a legal adviser in any of the multinational companies. You can look for the job and apply as a district judge or you can work as a session judge, then there is an option and so much extend-able choices for you to work as an advocate general or to work as an attorney general.

Syllabus of LLM Master of Laws Program
These are the main subjects which you will study in this program of LLM and they are administration law, banking laws, the subject of commercial law, business law, company law, corporate law, comparative constitutional law, comparative environmental law, comparative human rights, criminology, intellectual property, international trade law, the subject of international economic law. You will too study these subjects like Islamic law, labor law, law and politics, law and society in South Asia, law of international institutions, law of evidence, taxation and the subject of shipping laws.

So as we have explained the data on this LLM program, you can apply in this program if you have this wish to become a lawyer. Keep in touch with us.