Career Scope of Fine Arts Degrees, Job Prospects, Topics, Qualities Needed

What is The Scope of Fine Arts in Pakistan? Job Options, Programs, Required Abilities, Career Tips
This degree of fine arts, it is such a creative and dynamic degree. The minute you will start to study it, you will love it more and more. This is the field will give you 360 degree tour of the arts and design field. This is a huge discipline and those students who are extremely talented in drawing, painting, sketching and making sculptures, they are basically welcome to serve in this field. Here we will explore this discipline and you will love every angle of it.

Fine Arts

Career Scope of Fine Arts Degrees, Job Prospects, Topics, Qualities Needed

Career Scope of Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Program
We have BFA degree which is a bachelor of fine arts, it is offered in your four years of bachelor studies. After completing the BFA degree, you can do MFA so that chances to get a high post becomes bigger and more for you.

Popular Job Options in Fine Arts Field
There are many jobs starting from the small scale to the bigger scale in this fine arts field. Working as a production artist, freelance worker, cartoonist, advertising manager, purchasing manager, actor is always welcomed and encouraged by this sector. Serving as a 3D artist, still photographer, craft artist, creative director, producer, calligrapher, event organizer, choose any one of these lines.

These fine arts students can work for the fashion houses, software companies, web portals, art critic, television and radio industry. Work as an illustrator, art director, fine artist, multimedia artist, product manager

Working as a commercial photographer, creative writer, painter, they are contended job options for you. This field motivate students to become a musician, designer, movie maker, technical artist or work as a set designer, sculptor, interior decorator, media man,
You will be motivated to work for the manufacturing sector or as a drawing teacher, music teacher. product designer, graphic designer if you have a BFA degree. Then as a fashion consultant, master trainer, lecturer, these are demanding job options for you.

The sectors like film industry, publishing house, fashion magazines, textile industry, they need BFA degree holders. Then job as a miniature painter, textile designer, theater artist, theater writer, furniture designer, they are great for BFA fine arts students.

Skills Needed for a Fine Arts Student
Skills like that of making a realistic drawing and doing the constructive drawing, they are important. You should know how to draw from imagination and memory. The knowledge on the art materials as well as about their skillful use, this is what this fine arts field is.

Subjects Offered in Fine Arts Studies
The subject of fine arts introduction, fine arts history, drawing, patterns and the courses of photography, fashion trends, still life painting, they will be taught. The subject of textile designing, landscape painting, 3D studies, traditional crafts, figure drawing, graphic designing, marketing, management, they are offered in BFA program.

You will study print media, electronic media courses and the subjects on calligraphy, forms of fine arts, traditional arts in this BFA degree.

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