Career & Scope of Civics (Civic Education), Definition, Tips

Career Scope of Civic Education or Civics, Introduction and  Tips in English & Urdu

Are you looking forward to make a powerful career in the field of civics? Do you know what the real meaning of civics is and what this field study is all about? Well as we talk about the civics, this field has been linked with the subject of political science which is all about the study of evolution and political theories. You will be looking into the study, where you will be studying the practical implementation of various political and social theories & how they are putting their effect over different countries and on its economies. You will also be coming up with some of the recommendations which is all about the government policies and fundamentals of good governance.



What Skills you should Have?
You should be having a strong book reading habit when it comes to be the expert in the field of civics. This is extremely important. You should be aware about the happenings taking place in different areas of the world and under what economy condition a country is surviving. Being an civic education expert you should be having strong skills of presentation as well. As you will gain success in this field, it is obvious that you will called for the interview for which good communication skills is mandatory.


What Different Career options you can choose as a Civic Expert?
Now the main question which probably hit so many minds is related with the selection of the career choices where the subject of civics opens so many doorways for you. Few of the major career options are right below for you:


Expert in Foreign Policy Expert:
You may also become a foreign policy expert. It is the best profession for you where you can figure out all about the neighboring countries and their war condition with rest of the countries. In addition, you would be gaining some information about the groups of various countries like EU, Saarc, Nato, Arab League and Asean etc.


Comparative Politics:
When we talk about this study area, you can know about the basics of studying the politics happening in different regions. You will be comparing them all together. At the same time, you will often study the various factors which are eventually affecting the timeline of growth rate and along with the world influence.


The next best professional option would to be the teacher at college and school level. You can enter in the teaching profession, where you can teach the subjects of civic  education in colleges, universities or in schools.


Last but not least Pakistan is much behind from the rest of world in the field of civic education. Here civics is taught only at FA level. No bachelor and master degree is offered in Civics. Government and HEC should give special importance for promotion of Urban Ethics or civic education in the country. In fact civics topics should be the part of at least Pakistan  Studies and Social Studies subjects.


Career & Scope of Civics (Civic Education), Definition, Tips

Career & Scope of Civics (Civic Education), Definition, Tips