Career & Scope of CFA in Pakistan, Jobs, Eligibility & Salary

Scope of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in Pakistan, Job Options, Eligibility Criteria, Salary & Career Counseling 

CFA is the abbreviation of Chartered Financial Analyst. Among so many different programs and educational degrees in Pakistan, the demand of acquiring the degree of CFA is becoming so much popular among the young generation. CFA is basically a master based degree program which is associated with the investment sector and calculation of revenues or economy sector of Pakistan. As similar to CA, ACCA and CPA, the degree course of CFA is another one of the most important parts of the financial department over the activities of finances, assets and ventures. There have been so many popular educational institutions in Pakistan who are offering high-quality of services in acquiring CFA degree for the students.


Career Scope

Career & Scope of CFA in Pakistan, Jobs, Eligibility & Salary

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
The degree of CFA is based on the three years of educational program which is divided basically into three portions i.e. CFA Level 1, CFA Level 2, as well as CFA Level 3. It is quite similar to ACCA and CA degree process. Below we have the general based eligibility criteria to apply for the CFA in different institutions of Pakistan:
Any applicant who is applying for this degree program, he or she should be having a bachelor degree in the fields of BCOM or BBA.
Any student who is already enrolled in the 4th year of the BBA can even apply for the degree.

Any student who is enrolled in the 2 years of master’s degree program can also apply for it.

It is important for the applicant to have a professional experience in the fields of investment and revenue.


What is the Scope of CFA in Pakistan?
With the passage of time the demand and popularity of the CFA field study has been growing hugely just like CA and ACCA. This is because of the reason that so many golden opportunities have been opened in this field study for the new generation. According to the recent survey there have been around 209 listed activities who are working as CFA in various sectors of investment and finance revenue.


Job Outlook of CFA In Pakistan
As you will be holding the CFA degree in your hands, you will be finding so many golden job opportunities coming in your way one after another. Some of the basic job options are as mentioned below:

Finance officer
Finance department head
CRO as Chief Risk Expert Officer
Finance Executive
Senior Investment Expert
Marketing Research Analyst


Salary of CFA in Pakistan
Now let’s talk about the salary outlook of CFA in Pakistan! As we have already that a CFA holder will be able to step into different sectors and on various posts. And on the basis of the posts or seat designation, they will be able to earn handsome amount of salary. The starting salary of CFA is around Rs 60,000 in Pakistan. This can give them a basic chance to earn more money as they qualified themselves on a higher post and with improved skills.