Career in Virology Field, Jobs, Scope & Degrees

Lets read out the career in virology field, jobs, scope & degrees. If you want to become a virologist then you should know and have this idea that how can opt and step onto this career line. From this page, you will get these details and complete range of information about career and scope of virology in Pakistan. For the information, it is the job of these virologists that they have to study viruses that do put on affect on humans and animals as well as on insects and bacteria and too on fungi and plants. These professionals can look for jobs in the areas of research or in the areas of teaching. You can also be working as science writers, if you are going to get an additional training then you can work in the pharmaceutical business or in te field of law. These researchers can too be employed or they can get job in the universities and government agencies, you can serve in the health organizations. It is true that some of the virologists, they can work and serve in the industry researching areas.

Career in Virology Field, Jobs, Scope & Degrees


Sub Fields in Field Line of Virology

Bacteriology, immunology
Microbiology, parasitology

Job Options in Field Line of Virology

You can work in the labs. For this job line, you should get enough experience while working and serving in a lab environment. While working in the labs, you will be getting many opportunities to explore new areas of this field line of virology. You will be given many of the research opportunities. You should develop and create interpersonal and also communication skills in your personality. you will be working with the research teams as soon as you will enter into your doctoral programs.

Get Doctoral Training in Field of Virology

To make a great career in this field line of virology, it is better to get a doctoral training first. You can have your Ph.D. programs on this subject of virology or in the subject of immunology. It will take around 4 to 5 years to complete this Ph.D. studies of yours. In this degree, you will study courses like cell biology and virology and also you will study the bacteria structure and prokaryotic and too eukaryotic genetics, cancer biology. Mainly laboratory work is opened for these professionals who are linked with the field of virology. While being in this field, you will be conducting and carrying out researches on the areas linked with environmental virology and parasitology or with the area line of pediatric viral infections, you will do research on HIV vaccine development, and too on the cancer suppression techniques. In the first two years of your degree program, you will focus your attention on the coursework and also on the lab work and you will be covering topics like that of anatomy and pharmacology, biochemistry. Then in the last two years, you will do these clinical rotations and you will be linked to the medical departments that include pediatrics and surgery as well as the department of family medicine.

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