Career Counseling on Scope of Kashmiriyat, Intro, Job Prospects, Topics, Degrees

What is The Scope of Studying Kashmiriyat in Pakistan? Introduction, Programs, Career, Tips, Job Options
To know about the history and culture of Kashmir, to know about its literature, linguistic as well as about its livelihood, then do try to learn Kashmiriyat or we can say that Kashmiri language. Do you know that so far no peaceful resolution has been passed that whether Kashmir should be included in the Pakistani zones or in the Indian zone. India has still occupied the zones of Kashmir. At least four wars are fought on this Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan and still no decision and conclusion came out. If you work for the intelligence and you are send on the private and confidential mission then it is important to be aware about this language. Here you will know about the details that what benefits you will receive if you know Kashmiriyat, let us check out that:

Career & Scope

Career Counseling on Scope of Kashmiriyat, Intro, Job Prospects, Topics, Degrees

Career Scope of Kashmiriyat
You will be preferred to be send on the foreign and confidential missions if you know this language fully. These NGOs like UNHCR, HRCP and also HRW, they are the human right organizations and they prefer to get the services of those individuals who know these languages which also include Kashmiriyat. You can work as an analyst on the media. There is a great scope for these people who can fluently speak and understand this language. Even as a researcher, you can make your own strong position if you are aware about these rarely speaking languages like we have Kashmiri language.

Value And Current Worth of Learning And Understanding Kashmiriyat
It is true that some of the institutions, they do their research on different languages and culture, linguistics and historical side of different countries. Among them, we have Kashmiriyat language included too. So if you understand this specific speech, then you can work in these institutions. In the ministry of foreign affairs, your chances to get selected will become high also. Then in the local media and international media, we have print and electronic media which encourage individuals who have the deeper understanding of this language. You might get the reasonable job offer from the peace promotion non government organizations.

Subjects And Courses in Kashmiriyat Language
The subjects which you will come across while learning this Kashmiri language, they are the history of Kashmiriyat, linguistic of Kashmir, Kashmiri language history and the course on its evolution.

You will to go through the subject course lines of Kashmiri phonetics, Kashmir issue history and too its solutions, Kashmir language scripts. The basics on Kashmiriyat grammar, fiction, poetry, prose will be offered and taught to the students.

It is suggested to opt this language as an elective subject or as an optional subject in your BA degree program. Keep in touch with us and more scope and current demand of Kashmiriyat language will be provided to you. You can share these details with us that how many languages you can fluently speak and understand, it will be the best idea if you are keen and eager to learn other foreign languages.