Career as Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS), Scope, Nature of Work, Jobs

Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) Career Scope in Pakistan, Duties, Job Prospects, Tips & Skills Required
This doctor of rehabilitation sciences degree, this is a new and latest medical degree which is introduced in the Pakistani universities. So after completing your undergraduate studies, you can enroll and become the part of this DRS degree. We know that in the past years for these FSc pre medical students, few of the options were available for them. Now the times have changed! To get the doctor title, you can opt this degree program for yourself. Even if you have done fsc pre medical and you cannot be in the MBBS stream or in the BDS stream, you can choose this DRS degree for yourself.

Career as Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS), Scope, Nature of Work, Jobs

Career as Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS), Scope, Nature of Work, Jobs

Job Duties in The Field of Rehabilitation Sciences
This rehabilitation sciences is the sub branch of this field of physiotherapy. The doctors who are associated to this field, they prepare their patients so that they can live up their lives in a normal way after they passed out through the accidental phases in their lives.

If you have passed the DRS degree, then you can be in the occupational therapy sector. This is one of the common rehabilitation science career option. By becoming an occupational therapist, you have to help out your patients who are suffering from mental condition, physical, developmental conditions or from the emotional conditions. These professionals maintain, recover and improve their motor functioning as well as coordination and too reasoning ability.

Eligibility to Get Enrolled in The Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) Program
The duration of this doctor of rehabilitation sciences degree, it comprise of ten semester and every single semester has a duration of ten months. You should have 50% marks in your FSc pre medical studies if you want to be in this DRS degree. And this degree will be completed in five years. Note that we have Imperial college in Pakistan, they have this degree program in a workable condition in their premises. This is the main condition which is needed to be in this DRS degree and you have to fulfill this condition compulsory.

Scope of Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS)
By getting this doctor of rehabilitation sciences degree, you can work in the general hospitals, government orthopedic department, special children schools. These professionals are offered jobs in the bio medical industry, health and fitness clubs, sports clubs, gym and training centers.

You can serve in the education center, private and public rehabilitation centers. This is the overall extensive and productive scope which is offered by this degree. Now many students, they show a big preference towards this degree and does not want to go with the MBBS, BDS studies options. It is due to the multiple job options that they prefer this field.

This is all data which we have collected on this doctor of rehabilitation sciences degree. You can also pursue this degree. More informative stats on this degree will be put up. If you are admitted in this degree, then share your view. More details on the popular degree programs will be shared with you.

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