Scope of Pathologist & Pathology in Pakistan

In Pakistan, if you want to become pathologist then read out the scope of Pathologist & pathology in Pakistan. If you have been thinking about making your way into the career line of being the pathologist expert, then this web page will come about to be much helpful for you. If you are already having the score line of 2 years of degree in the pathology field timeline then becoming the part of clinical expert laboratory support medium technician is much easy for you . Below are more details about the career and scope of pathologist in Pakistan!


Scope of Pathologist & Pathology in Pakistan


Job Option as Histotechnologist

You can become a histotechnologist if you have studied pathology. In this job line, you will be preparing tissue specimens so that you can carry out the examination. You will be operating and processing equipments, you will be embedding equipments and you will be making use of microtomes so that you can slice tissue that have been embedded in the plastic blocks.

Job as Medical Lab Technician / Clinical Laboratory Technician

If you have done your studies of pathology then you can work as clinical lab technician, this job line is also named as medical lab technician. In this particular job, these pathologist professionals will be carrying out clinical laboratory testing right under the supervision of a senior professional. You will be asked to do bench testing along with the provision of manual preparation of these solutions. You should have a licensure kind of qualifying degree if you want to be in this profession.

Job as Research Laboratory Technologist

If you do have degree in the subject and field line of pathology then you can serve as research lab technologist too. In this job, you will be working right under the guidance of some principal investigator, you will be setting up and you will also be carrying out research laboratory researches and experiments. Collection of results and their analysis will be carried out by you. You might be working with the laboratory animals. You should have the background in the subject of biochemistry and molecular biology, or too in the related field if you want to be in this job line.

Job as Clinical Pathologist

Then this job as clinical pathologist can be opted by you. In this job line, you will basically be evaluating blood, urine, and too other kinds of non-tissue specimens. You will be setting guidelines to carry out blood transfusion kind of practice. You can also work as anatomic pathologist, in this job you will be primarily be evaluating tissue specimens-heart and lung as well as brain. You will make use of a microscope so that you can examine and observe prepared specimens. You can opt the career as forensic pathologist too. In this job, you will evaluate all kind of evidence which are linked with the causes of death.

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