BS Political Science Subjects, Career Scope, Jobs, Salary & Comparison with BS Economics

Bachelor of Science in Political Science Subjects, Career & Scope, Job Options, Pay, Job Areas, Admission Criteria, Fee Structure, BS Economics Vs BS Political Science 
Political Science is the study of the state. It is a subject that spans from the micro to the macro. There are many different types of political scientists, all with varying degrees of specialization and expertise. This post will attempt to shed some light on who exactly a political scientist is. What Is Political Science? The definition of what political science is has been debated over time. The most popular definition is “the systematic study of the state”.



This definition is based off of the work of American political theorist Max Weber who wrote in his 1922 book Politics as a Vocation about the importance of political science in the modern era. Weber defined politics as a vocation, which was the opposite of the classical Greek conception of politics. Classical political theorists saw politics as a way of life and not just a career. In the modern era, Weber argued that the concept of politics is now seen as an occupation or career. He defined political science as the systematic study of the state and society.


Political Science vs Political Economy

The term political economy refers to the study of economic principles, which are used in the formulation of economic policy. This contrasts with the more general field of economics, which is the study of economics. Political economy is often used synonymously with public finance, which is the study of government budgeting and taxation. Political economy is also the study of the economic activities of the government and how they affect society as a whole. It is important to note that political economy is not the same as economics.



Political Science an Introduction

Political Science is a very tough subject to study, especially in Pakistan. It is a combination of many subjects like history, political science, sociology, philosophy, economics and many other subjects.


BS Political Science Subjects, Career Scope, Jobs, Salary & Comparison with BS Economics

BS Political Science Subjects, Career Scope, Jobs, Salary & Comparison with BS Economics

Most of the students face issues while selecting the career path of their choice. They struggle a lot to choose the field of study where they can get good career and financial benefits. Some students even think that studying political science is not worthy of their time and money. But if you are looking to earn good money and do something for yourself, then Political Science is a great choice for you.

Who is a Political Scientist?

A political scientist is a person who studies politics. This can include studying the history of politics, analyzing political systems, and researching political issues.


Eligibility Criteria & Merit For Admission in BS Pol Science

Simple intermediate is the eligibility requirement for admission in BS Pol Science. 50% marks holders are eligible for admission in Bachelor of Science Political Science program. Student with higher marks are given preference. Now merit of prestigious institutes is about eighty percent. Students who have studied Civics in FA are given preference for admission in this program.

Institutes Offering Bachelor of Science Political Science Program

Almost all private and public sector universities/colleges in Pakistan are offering BS Political Science program like PU, GCU, GCUF, QAU, BZU, UMT, IIUI, UOK, IUB, UOB, UOP, UOS, UOG etc. Even LUMS is offering BS Pol Science degree program.



BS Political Science Subjects in Pakistan

Following subjects are taught in Bachelor of Science in Political Science degree program in Pakistan;
Islamic Studies
Information Technology
Introduction to Psychology
Pakistan Studies,
Basics of Economics
Political Systems
Basics of Geography
Basics to Philosophy
Pakistan Movement 1857 to 1947
Constitutional History of Pakistan
Everyday Science
Basics of Sociology
Western Political Thoughts & Philosophy
Muslim Political Thoughts & Philosophy
Political Ideologies
Fundamentals of Public Administration
World History
Local Government Structure
Research Methodology
Comparative Study of Foreign Polices of Pakistan & Super Powers
International Law
Regional & International Organizations

BS political science subjects list may vary minutely from university to university.


Fee & Salary

Public sector colleges and universities in Pakistan are taking very reasonable fee for BS Pol Science program in Pakistan where as private sectors may charge up to 60000 PKR fee for each semester. Salary of political scientists depends upon the nature of job. It may vary between 40000 to 60000 PKR in the initial stage of their career depending upon their institute, marks and skills.


Who Should Get Admission in BS Political Science Degree Program?

If you are interested in studying politics and politics related fields, then you should definitely select this field of study. This is a tough subject to study, but if you take a few minutes to study, you will understand what this subject is all about. You can then choose the field that you want to focus on and work on your strengths. You’ll find a lot of job opportunities for the political science graduates. Most of the job opportunities require you to have a bachelor’s degree in the field of political science i.e BS Political Science. After completing your bachelor’s degree, you can move ahead with a master’s degree and pursue your career in politics and related fields.

Career Scope of BS Political Science in Pakistan:

BS Political Science is basically a professional degree for those who are interested in politics and politics related fields. The main aim of the political science is to provide a better understanding of the policies and decisions that are made by the government.


Politics a Career

If you want to do something that will make you happy in the long run, then go into Politics. Politics is one of the most exciting and rewarding careers you can choose. A career in politics can be very challenging at times. You have to deal with a lot of different people, and you will have to handle a variety of tasks. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with good wages, good benefits, and a good lifestyle.



BS Political Science Vs BS Economics

Some people think that studying political science is not worthwhile. They think that if you want to be a politician, then you should study economics. They say that studying economics is a better option because it will help you to become a better politician. They say that you can study economic and political science in the same course. But this is a false claim.


In reality, politics and economics are two different fields. One is related to government, and the other is related to economics. The only connection between the two is that both of them use economic tools and methods to study and solve political problems.


If you are interested in becoming a politician, then you should focus on the study of political science. Politics is a specialized field that studies the structure and operations of the government. If you want to study politics, you should focus on the study of political science, which is a specialized field of study. If you are interested in being a politician, then it is advisable to study political science.


Politics can be studied in different ways. Some political scientists focus on government and public policy. Others focus on the structure of political institutions. Others focus on public opinion and elections. And some focus on electoral politics, and others focus on legislative politics.


The two main aspects of politics are the government and public policy.


In general, politics is the study of government. In the study of politics, you can learn more about the government and how it works. You can learn how to design policies that can influence government actions. You can also learn how the government can affect your own life.


You can also study the role that government plays in the economy. The main purpose of the economy is to create value. You can study the government’s role in the economy, how it influences the economy and how the economy affects the government.


One of the most important aspects of the government is its relationship with the society and the citizens of the nation. You can study the role of the government in the community. You can also study the government’s relationship with the society and the citizens.


The field of economics has been one of the oldest disciplines in the world. Economists have been studying the economy since the beginning of civilization. They have tried to explain how the economy functions and how we can understand its behavior.


Economics has many sub-fields. You can study macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics. Macroeconomics focuses on the national level of the economy. Microeconomics focuses on the individual level of the economy. Econometrics focuses on statistical methods used to analyze economic data. The main aspect of economics is the study of how the economy works. In short BS Economics and BS Political Science both are two different fields, they just overlap each other in some areas. If you want to become an economist then study BS Economics and if you want to earn a multidisciplinary degree then BS Political Science should be your first choice.


Jobs For BS Political Science Degree Holders

There are many job opportunities available for the political science graduates. Below are some of the job options that are available for you:



Government Jobs

Government jobs are the most common jobs for the political science graduates. There are different government departments that recruit the political science graduates. Some of the common government jobs are:

1- Police

2- Traffic police

3- Revenue department

4- Intelligence department

5- Local government

6- Election commission



Non-government jobs

Some of the non-government jobs that are available for the political science graduates are –

1- Media

2- Advertising

3- Journalism

4- Editing

4- Marketing



Private sector jobs

There are many private sectors that are looking for the qualified candidates for their posts. Some of the popular private sector companies that are looking for the political science graduates are –

1- Insurance companies
2- Banks
3- Public utilities companies
4- Telecom companies



Teaching Jobs

There are lots of teaching jobs available for the political science graduates. The political science graduates can teach the social studies to the students in the public schools.



Law Jobs

The political science graduates can work as a lawyer. There are lots of law firms that are recruiting the political science graduates. Some of the common law firms are –

1- Civil Law firms
2- Criminal Legal firms
3- Corporate Law firms
4- Tax Consultants



CSS, PMS & BS Political Science

Majority of CSS and PMS aspirants love to study BS Pol Science as this degree help them a lot in preparing many elective subjects of CSS and PMS. It also help them in compulsory subjects of Pakistan affairs, current affairs and general knowledge. No other degree is more helpful than BS Pol Science for preparation of competitive exam in Pakistan.



This was all about the career scope of BS Political Science. If you are interested in politics and politics related fields, then you can select this field of study. The above mentioned job opportunities are available for you.


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