BS Operation Theater Technology Scope in Pakistan, BS OTT Fee, Merit, Jobs, Eligibility,

Career Counseling Guide on Scope of BS Operation Theater Technology in Pakistan, Subjects, Pay, Fee, Institutes, Merit, Admission, Jobs, Eligibility, Responsibilities & Qualities Needed
BS operation theater technology (OTT) is defined as any medical technologies and devices used during a surgical procedure to maintain safe and effective delivery of care. BS OTT can be broadly classified into two types: active and passive. Active technologies include various medical devices that are placed on or near the patient during surgery in order to provide feedback and monitoring for surgeons, prompting them to make necessary changes in the pace or technique of their operations. Passive Passive technologies include monitoring systems which monitor the patient’s vital parameters and transmit these values to members of a team overseeing the surgery at an appropriate time while they are continuously stationed near or even in close proximity to the operating room.

BS Operation Theater Technology Scope in Pakistan, BS OTT Fee, Merit, Jobs, Eligibility,

BS Operation Theater Technology Scope in Pakistan, BS OTT Fee, Merit, Jobs, Eligibility


These technologies, when combined with information technology applications as they are at present, help improve the communication and collaboration among key members of a surgical team. They help surgeons to focus on their goals and objectives while complementing them during critical intervention or procedure phases where significant patient injury may occur if proper monitoring is not in place.



What is Operation Theater Technology?

Operation Theater Technology is a degree program that focuses on the use of technology in the health care industry. Students learn how to use electronic medical records, surgical equipment, and other tools to improve patient care. This program can help students become employed as medical technicians or technologists in other health care settings.



What is The Scope of BS Operation Theater Technology in Pakistan?

BS Operation Theater Technology has great scope in Pakistan. After completing the BS Operation Theater Technology degree you may get jobs in all hospitals and clinic where the facility of surgery is offered. These clinics and hospitals are working both in private and government sectors. You may get jobs in maternity homes, surgical hospitals, intensive care units, trauma centers, burn units, emergencies orthopedic hospitals, eye hospitals, kidney care centers, heart care hospitals etc.



Qualities Required in an Operation Theater Technologist

The qualities required in an operation theater technologist include: excellent communication and interpersonal skills, experience working with computers and technology, knowledge of medical imaging and procedures, proficiency in Microsoft Office applications. The operation theater technician is a highly trained and skilled technologist. Technicians typically receive four to five years of training, including training with senior after completion of BS program.



Benefits of BS Degree in Operation Theater Technology

BS operation theater technology degree holders would have the ability to operate a variety of medical equipment including, but not limited to, x-ray machines, surgical robots, and infusion pumps. They would also be well-equipped to work in both ambulatory and tertiary care settings. Compared to other medical equipment operators, graduates from an operation theater technology program would have a wide range of job opportunities available.


BS operation theater technology degree can provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to work in a variety of medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers. Students who earn an BS OTT degree will learn how to operate medical equipment, create accurate patient records, and monitor patients during surgeries. Additionally, an undergraduate degree in operation theater technology can help students develop critical thinking skills and improve problem-solving abilities.



Operating theater technology is a field that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of surgical theaters. A graduate degree in operation theater technology can give you the skills you need to work in this field, as well as the knowledge and experience necessary to advance your career.



A bachelor of science degree in operation theater technology can provide you with a strong foundation in surgical technology. This will allow you to work on a wide range of projects, from basic renovations to completely new installations of operation theater machinery. In addition to practical skills, a BS degree in operation theater technology will also teach you how to think critically and solve problems. This is an important skill for anyone working in a technical field, and it will be valuable no matter what stage of your career you are at.



What are the Skills Necessary for an Operating Room Technician?

Operating room technicians are responsible for maintaining sterile operating rooms and equipment. They need to be able to operate various medical equipment, including anesthesia machines, scrub sinks, and surgical tools. They also need to be able to read X-rays and help the surgeons and anesthesiologists during operations.



Duties of an Operation Theater Technologist

Operation theater technologists work alongside surgeons during surgery. They sterilize, clean and set the surgery equipment before the operation. They may also be responsible for monitoring vital signs and providing support to the surgeons.



Qualities Required in a Operation Theater Technologist

A graduate degree in operation theater technology is needed to work in this field. The scope of the degree includes training in medical equipment, patient care, and surgery. In addition, the BS OTT degree holder must be able to use computers and software to manage information and perform surgical procedures.

Syllabus of BS Operation Theater Technology

The BS in Operation Theater Technology program is a four-year degree that prepares students for a career in the field of surgical technology. The curriculum includes courses in human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, microbiology, chemistry, physics and psychology. In addition students take courses in surgical technology including operating room procedures, sterilization techniques and patient care. In BS OTT you also study Surgery, Biostatistics, Pathology, Anesthesia Technology, Pharmacology, General Medicine, Emergency Medical Care and OTT Techniques.


BS OTT Admission, Eligibility Criteria, Semester Fee & Salary

Eligibility requirement for BS Operation Theater Technology is FSc pre medical and A-Level. Students have to complete 136 credits hours in 8 semesters. Per semester fee of private universities is about 50k to 60K pkr. Govt universities chrage low fee but have high merit i.e up to 75%. Private universities may grant admission the students with second division in FSc pre medical. BS operation theater technologists can get govt job of BPS 17th. In private sector BS OTT degree holders can earn up to 200000 pkr per month as they are attached with various hospitals on call basis.


BS OTT Universities

The University of Faisalabad, GDEC Lahore, DG Khan Medical College, IMC Faisalabad, Abasyn University Islamabad, Superior University Lahore, SZAMBU, Aziz Fatimah Medical Faisalabad, Akhtar Saeed Medical College Lahore, Central Park College Of AHS Lahore, Sialkot Medical College and many other universities in Pakistan are offering BS Operation Theater Technology degree program.


Final Thoughts 

BS OTT is an emerging allied health sciences degree in Pakistan, which has bright scope too.