Best Recommended Security Tips For Stock Trading in Share Market

Security Tips & Tricks For Stock Exchange Trading in Stock Market
Do you know the basics of stock trading? We will tell you! Check out the do’s and dont’s when it comes to stock exchange trading business. It is this securities and exchange commission of Pakistan who have issued and revealed these important tips so that you can do the secure investment on this platform.

Security Tips And Important Points for Doing Stock Trading in Stock Market
You should only deal with the brokers who are officially registered right with the SECP. You can check out the site of securities and exchange commission of Pakistan. They have identified the list of brokers who are registered at their end.

You need to carefully read the terms and conditions before you open an account of yours. The individual can also keep the copy of this account opening form with him.

The person should always make use of the crossed cheques while he is going to transfer money to the account of broker, this is a safest method to do so.

If you are giving order to the broker, then make that in writing form. If you have a conversation on phone regarding the finalization of order, then record that conversation.

Other Important Tips for Stock Trading Business in Share Market
From your broker,you need to get the official schedule of all of the applicable dues and charges. This schedule will make it easy for you to compare the charges while receiving and giving the cash.

You should be getting the periodical statement of your account, it is a must for you to get this document. It is from the broker and also from CDC that you will get this statement. You can then compare this statement with the regular and daily record of yours.

You should fill out every single column of your account opening form. And before you execute any of the document, you have to read it carefully.

Whatever trading and investment you have done on a per day basis, you should get the record and document of it. Keeping the record while being in this stock exchange business is very important for you.

You should not ever make a transaction on the basis of media news. Or on the basis of rumors or guaranteed profits. First look at the trends, critically analyze them and then you can do the investment.

This is the most important rule that you should not be allowing any one to operate and run your account. Many frauds occur in this stock trading business, so beware from these situations. Run your account on your own and never let any one to operate it.

We have Karachi stock exchange, then we have Lahore stock exchange as well as Islamabad stock exchange. You can invest in any one of these stock exchange companies.

So if you are planning to take part in the stock trading, then do keep in mind these tips. These are absolute golden rules which will help you in coming out as a successful stock exchange trader in share market.

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Best Recommended Security Tips For Stock Trading in Share Market

Best Recommended Security Tips For Stock Trading in Share Market