Barani Institute of Management Sciences BIMS Admission 2024

Barani Institute of Management Sciences BIMS Rawalpindi Spring Admission 2024

Details of Barani Institute of Management Sciences BIMS admissions are here. Note that this university has been affiliated with Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture university and now this university has open the phase of their current admissions. You can check out the complete details and news from here. In terms of the general universities category, this university is at the 5th spot and this ranking is given by HEC Higher education commission of Pakistan. Another important information is that for all of the early bird applicants, you will get 30% waive off on your tuition fees and this scholarship will be granted to you by this Qalam foundation. You can check out the site of this BIMS institute so that more details of this Spring admission phase can be given to you. BIMS RWP is the project of Qalam foundation as well, so let us not waste any of the time further and let us jump on the desired and mentioned details of these admission proceedings:



Programs Part of Barani Institute of Management Sciences BIMS Admission 2024 Phase

You can apply in their BSCS program, it is this bachelor of computer science program and it is mainly of four years.


Then we have BSIT program which is offered by BIMS university and applicants can apply in this program category too, this program is of the same bachelor level duration which is four years.


We have admissions open up in BBA honors category as well and this program is of the span of four years. For all these under graduation programs, you should have inter education and you should have 45% marks in your inter studies. You can have equivalent education.


Now to move onto their masters degree programs, we have MCS program which is masters in computer science program and it is of 2 years. You can also apply in this MSc mathematics degree program or in MSc statistics program or in this MSc economics program. These masters programs are of two years span and you should have 14 years of education. It means you should have bachelor education to be in masters level programs. In your bachelor education, you should get and score 45% marks.



How to Apply in Barani Institute of Management Sciences BIMS Admission 2024 Proceedings?

You can visit the site of BIMS university and then you can apply through this channel. The applicant can also SMS their full name and the details of their desired degree program in which they want to apply. When you are going to get and receive your offer letter, then it is important that you should submit your documents on time and then your seat will get confirmed. This university does not conduct an entry test for their admission purpose and you just have to meet their eligibility criteria and this is all!


Facilities in BIMS Rawalpindi

1-BIMS is strategically located just 1/2 KM away from the main campus of Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University for providing students with easy access to the resources and opportunities available at the university.


2-The institute boasts a state of theart digital library which is equipped with a vast collection of academic resources to support UG students in their research & study endeavors. Additionally, the presence of air-conditioned laboratories, library & class rooms ensures a comfortable & conducive learning environment for all students.


3-1 of the standout features of BIMS is the driveway to parking on the roof-top for offering convenient & secure parking facilities for students and faculty. This thoughtful provision adds to the overall convenience & accessibility of the institute.


4-The high-tech computer labs at BIMS Rawalpindi are equipped with the latest technology for providing students with the tools & resources they need to excel in their academic pursuits. This emphasis on technology & innovation aligns with the institute’s commitment to providing a cutting-edge education to its students.


5-Furthermore BIMS RWP has established strong industrial linkages 4 enabling students to secure valuable internships & gain practical experience in their chosen fields. This industry exposure is invaluable in preparing students for the workforce & enhancing their employability upon graduation.


6-In addition to its academic & technological offerings, BIMS Rawalpindi prides itself on its accessible location, making it easily reachable for students from various parts of the region. The institute’s proximity to the main campus of Arid Agriculture University further enhances its appeal as a premier educational institution,


7-The safety & security of its students are a top priority for BIMS & as such, the institute is equipped with security cameras to ensure a safe & secure learning environment for all..


8-Lastly BIMS is known for its commitment to providing quality education at an affordable cost foor offering students the benefit of a high-quality education with the lowest fee structure. This commitment to affordability ensures that education remains accessible to a wide range of students , regardless of their financial circumstances .


Final Remarks

In conclusion BIMS stands out as a leading educational institution by offering a range of top-notch facilities & resources to support its students in their academic and professional pursuits. From its prime location to its emphasis on technology, industry connections & affordability, BIMS is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for all its students. This is all information about the admissions which is given by this Barani Institute of Management Sciences BIMS. Stay tuned with us and keep on getting more information.


Barani Institute of Management Sciences BIMS Admission 2024

Barani Institute of Management Sciences BIMS Admission 2024