Apply Online For Learner Driving License in Punjab, Eligibility, Process, Fee, Documents Needed

How to Apply Online For Learner Permit in Punjab Through DLIMS? Step by Step Guide

Applying for a learner driving license is a daunting task through traditional manual method. You have to go through a lengthy & time-consuming queues during this process. However with the advancements in IT, the Punjab govt has launched an online system that makes it easier for individuals to apply for a learner driving license through online method from the comfort of their houses. In this blog post of, we shall guide you through the complete procedure of applying for a learning driving license online.


Eligibility Criteria

For driving license of car and bike your age must be at-least  18 years. For LTV, Rikshaw, Tractor and commercial category licenses your age should be minimum 21 years. For HTV license age of applicants must be above 22 years. Applicants over 40 years will have to furnish medical certificate issued by authorized medical doctor.



Apply Online For Learner Driving License in Punjab, Eligibility, Process, Fee, Documents


Apply Online For Learner Driving License in Punjab, Eligibility, Process, Fee, Documents

Create Your Account on DLIMS Portal

The first step in the process is to visit the official website of DLIMS i.e Once you are on the website, you will be required to provide your personal information as per your CNIC. You will have to provide the details about your name, ID card no, working email, mobile no & gender. Additionally at the time of sign up you will be asked to create a passoword and confirm a password for your account on said website. Kindly make sure to select a strong password with lower case & upper case letters, numbers and special characters to ensure the security of your account. Finally fill the captcha carefully & click on the register button to create your account on DLIMS website.



Login to Provide Mandatory Personal Information

After successfully completing the initial signup process, you can log in to your account using your registered email address & entering your password. Once you have logged in, you will be directed to a entirely new page where you can start the application process for your learning driving license. Now click on the “new learner” button to proceed towards next step.


Required Info

On the new page , you will need to provide the following information;

1. CNIC number without any space or dash
2. Name with exact spellings
3. Name of father or husband
4. Date of Birth (DOB) in format of YYYY-MM-DD
5. Personal Cell No
6. Contact Information for any emergency
7. Gender
8. Exact Height
9. Type of citizen (Government Employees, Farmers, Businessmen, Private Employees, Civilians, Students, Army Men)
10.Type of Vehicle (Automatic or Manual)
11. Nationality
12. Blood Group
13. Disability of any kind
14. Select your residential Province, District and City
15. Permanent Address
16. Current Address



Commercial & Non Commercial Learner Driving Permits

Now it is the time to select the category of your learner driving license. You can choose between non-commercial & commercial categories. In the non-commercial category, you can select from options like a motorbike, car/jeep,or tractor. Moreover you have the option to apply for more than one vehicle license if needed.


In the commercial category you can choose from options like LTV, HTV, Tractor, Road Roller, and many more. Select the appropriate category based on your personal requirements.



Upload Recent Photo & Scanned Copy of CNIC

The next step is to upload your recent photo. Make sure to follow the guidelines provided like without a mask and face with straight pose. After uploading your photograph you will have to upload your scanned copy of CNIC too from both sides.



Final Step in Submitting Application Form on DILMS Portal

Before submitting your online application form for learner driving permit please make sure to check the box for confirming that you have provided 100% correct personal details. Once you have done that then click on the submit button to proceed towards next stage.



Use PSID Number to Pay Fee Via Easypaisa or ATM

Upon submission, you will be provided with a PSID no. PSID # means payment slip ID number. To complete the application process, you will need to pay a fee of PKR 120 by using your PSID #. Payment can be made through easy-paisa and ATM. In easypaisa you can select the “Govt fee” option first and then you will click on the “Punjab e-challan” option. Here you will have to enter your PSID # & click on the next button & then proceed to pay the fee of 120 rupees.



Validity of Learner Driving License

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email notification too. You can then log in to your DLIMS A/C on & easily print your e-learning driving license. This license will be valid for approximately 42 days, during which you will need to give a driving test to obtain your learner driving permit. Here is the link for you to apply online for learner driving license in Punjab;


Click Here to Apply Online For Learner Driving License in Punjab



Applying for a learner driving license has never been easier with the online system introduced by the provincial govt of Punjab. By following the step by step procedure outlined above in this article , you can save time & effort while obtaining your learner driving license. So do not wait any longer and visit today to start your journey towards becoming a licensed learner driver in the first stage and then full license after clearing driving test and paying the fee of full driving license.



FAQs About Applying Online For Learner Driving License in Punjab

1. How long is the validity of the online learner driving permit in Punjab province?

Ans- The validity of the learner driving license in Punjab is 42 days.


2. Where can I find the online form for applying for a learner driving permit?

Ans- You will have to visit for online registration, applying and downloading the learner license.


3. What is the process for applying for a learner driving license online?

Ans- The process includes registering yourself, signing in to your account, filling out the form, paying the fee & then in the last downloading the learner license.


4. How much is the fee for applying for a learner driving license online?

Ans- The fee for applying for a learner driving license online is 120 PKR.


5. What are the methods of fee submission?

Ans- The fee can be submitted through Easypaisa App or by using any ATM.

6. How many types of learner licenses are there?

Ans- There are two types of learner licenses, namely Commercial (HTV, LTV etc) and Non-Commercial (Car, Bike etc).

7. What documents are required for applying for a learner driving license?

Ans- For every applicant, the required documents include valid CNIC & for applicants over 40 years old, a medical certificate is also required.

8. What uploads are required during the application procedures?

Ans- During the application procedures, you are required to upload a photograph and CNIC from front and back sides.

9. What is the next procedure after applying online for a learner driving license?

Ans- The next procedure is appearing in the driving test within 40 days at designated test centers.

10. What is the minimum required age for applying for a learner driving license?

Ans- The minimum required age for applying for a learner driving license is 18, 21 and 22 years for bike/car, LTV and HTV respectively.