All About Tuberculosis in Urdu & English, TB Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment

Health Tips-All About TB, Tuberculosis Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment in Urdu & English Languages
For the information, tuberculosis is a multi-systemic infectious kind if disease which is mainly causes by mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is a rod-shaped bacterium. In year 2015, almost 1.8 million people lost their lives because of TB, it is true! Some of the additional terms which are used to describe this disease, they are Pott’s disease and active TB as well as latent TB and pulmonary TB. Here you will know all about tuberculosis in Urdu & English, TB symptoms, precautions & treatment. It has been since centuries that human beings are getting infected with this disease. In most of the European countries, TB is the reason that 25% of adults lost their lives. It was one of the leading causes and reasons of death so far in the U.S. until the time of 1900s. Now many of the public health awareness initiatives are taken and many treatment methods are devised like that of isolation of patients, development and making of drugs so that this illness can be treated.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis (TB)
If you are the patient of latent TB, then that means bacteria will remain there to present in your body but in an inactive state and for. This state of TB is called inactive TB. In this illness, your infection will not come out in a contagious form. But this sickness can turn out to be in active TB form if you will not take the proper treatment. In active tuberculosis form, you get really sick and high fever temperature gets present in your body. Your coughing last for about weeks and weeks and blood start to come in your cough. You will feel a chest pain and also pain while breathing. You get night sweats and there is a loss of appetite face by the patient.

When a Tuberculosis (TB) Patient Should See a Doctor?
If you get fever on the regular basis and you feel a weight loss in your body, then you should immediately see a doctor. If you are getting persistent night sweats and coughs then consult the specialist doctor.

Prevention And Treatment for Tuberculosis (TB)
You should take proper medications as soon as you are diagnosed and identified with latent TB illness. You should also protect your family, friends with this sickness as it is contagious and infectious. Try to stay at home and keep a minimum contact with your friends, family. In the initial weeks of your treatment and medication phase, stay at your home.There should be ventilation in your room because TB germs spread on a quick basis when there is no movement of air in that room. Whenever you cough or sneeze or whenever you laugh, you should use a tissue paper to cover up your mouth. You can wear a surgical mask so that less risk of transmission may be encountered.

TB is a risky disease, so treat it at a latent stage before it gets fully active. More you will know about tuberculosis or TB in Urdu & English, TB symptoms, precautions & treatment from this page.

All About Tuberculosis in Urdu & English, TB Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment

All About Tuberculosis in Urdu & English, TB Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment

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