All About IELTS Test In Pakistan

Over this piece of article we would be heading towards the comprehensive discussion that is all about IELTS test in Pakistan! In order to get a successful scoring and grading in IELTS examinations, it is important that the applicant should be much aware about the test pattern and all about the specific techniques for the purpose of answering the questions it has been asked out in the exams. It should be made clear with the fact that the applicant must be completely prepared with the knowledge in order to pass the IELTS test.

All About IELTS Test In Pakistan

All About IELTS Test In Pakistan

Important 4 Modules of IELTS Test in Pakistan:

The IELTS test in Pakistan is based on 4 main modules as mentioned below:
1. Listening
2. Reading
3. Writing
4. Speaking

Now we will be heading towards the discussion of each one of these modules as one by one for you:

1. Listening:

This module process is all added up with the total four sections and each section carries ten questions. The questions will be engaged in the conditional prospects of the multiple questions as added up with the names of the multiple choice questions (MCQs), short questions, and also the sentence completion, as well as summary, labeling a map or diagram or plan and also the matching. The applicant will be hearing the recording as for once and then they will be answering the questions as they will listen it out. Ten minutes will be given to candidates just as over the course of end of the recordings.

2. Reading:

This section of the IELTS is added with the two categories of the reading modules as one for Academic Version while the other for General Training Version.
Each single module of this section has been comprised to be added with the three sections having forty questions in them.
The applicant will be able to get the three readings as each one of them will be taken from the side of the advertisements, brochures, as well as newspapers, books and from the magazines as well.
The first section will be added related with the texts that adds up with the basic linguistic survival in English.

3. Writing:

Over towards the writing section of the IELTS! This section is comprised with the two sorts of writing modules including with the one for Academic Version and the other for General Training Version. Right into this section the applicant will be able to get the time of only 20 minutes for the task 1 all along with the writing approximately one hundred and fifty words and 40 minutes for the purpose of completing task 2 which require round about 250 words. The applicant will be handed over with the diagram or some sort of data in the table or chart form in the assignment number one and then they will be presenting that data in their own words.

4. Speaking:

On the last we have the section related with the speaking! This speaking section module is added with an oral interview that lies as in between the applicant and the examiner. This module would be giving you the duration of about 11 to 15 minutes. It do adds up with the three parts. It takes almost 4 to 5 minutes.