All About Hijama or Cupping Therapy for Beginners, Benefits, Method, Tips

Ultimate Guide about Benefits of Hijama or Cupping Therapy, Procedure, Health Tips in Urdu & English

Many of us are familiar with the cupping treatment which is basically signature marks found on the body of many famous people and athletes. This has led so many people to actually know that what cupping is all about and how this whole procedural treatment is performed. As you will be looking at the cupping treatment for the first time, you will probably be finding it a very painful treatment.

Is it really painful? Let’s discuss about it right here!


Is Cupping Treatment Painful?
This treatment is not at all painful. Suction of cups in this treatment can be intense of minimal which is quite similar to massage treatment. Some people choose to have a high pressure during cupping application but many do opt for gentle suction. As the cups will be applied you will feel that your body has been relaxed so much.


Your acupuncture will talk to you throughout the whole treatment. If you will feel any sort of discomfort, you can let your doctor know about it so they can change the position of the cupping according to your body comfort level.


What are Cups Made up of?
Cupping was actually performed historically in the place of China by using animal horns. But in the modern times, these cups are generally made out of plastic, glass or silicone. It is actually the material of cup which will determine how this cup will be applied. The only thing which is common among them is that they are included with the air inside the cup which has to be removed for creating a set of suction inside the body.


For the application of glass cups, you have to use a cotton ball which needs to be soaked in alcohol. Later on it is lit on fire. Fire will be placed inside the treatment cup by making the use of oxygen inside the empty space.


What does Cupping Treat?
Cupping treatment is most often used for relieving the muscle pain. Suction of the cupping will be loosen and will lift up the connective tissue. This will increase the flow of blood into that specific area which is having poor blood circulation for the muscles being overworked and tight.


What are the Benefits of Cupping Treatment?
You will definitely get a relaxed and comfortable sleep after the cupping session. Most of the doctors also recommend the cupping therapy for the sleep issues and insomnia. It is also great for the people who are suffering from asthma or for those who have ever gone through the cupping treatment. Cupping over the upper back will loosen up the chest which is very much for breathing or to break up the mucus. For more details in you national language Urdu you may read the images given in this blog post. Never try cupping treatment on your own, always consult with a related expert for Hijama therapy.


All About Hijama or Cupping Therapy for Beginners, Benefits, Method, Tips

All About Hijama or Cupping Therapy for Beginners, Benefits, Method, Tips


All About Hijama or Cupping Therapy for Beginners, Benefits, Method, Tips

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