All About Diabetes, Types, Treatment, Recommended Diet (Urdu & English)

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The detailed information is mentioned for you on this health condition of diabetes. You will read about the facts that how type I and type II diabetes can be treated and which foods to eat and which foods to avoid if you are involved in this worst health condition.

Importance of Insulin
Insulin is a hormone, this hormone is made by the pancreas and it allows and let your body to make use of the sugar (glucose) which come from carbohydrates and it also store glucose to be used for future. It is because of insulin that your blood sugar level remain balanced and does not get high or too low.

Types of Diabetes
We have type I diabetes for you and it is more common among kids and young people. In this type, your beta cells gets completely destroyed and your body fail to make any insulin. Then we have type II diabetes and in this health condition, your body does produce insulin but it is not up to the required range.

Treatment of Type I Diabetes
There is only a single treatment of type I diabetes and it is that you have to use insulin for multiple number of times every single day. On the other hand, if you does not want to use insulin, then in place of it, you can use a pump which perform the same functioning. You have to seriously and properly follow your meal schedule. If you are eating a lot, then you have to exercise a lot and in this way even if you get the less dose of insulin, then that is enough for you.

Treatment of Type II Diabetes
This type II diabetes can be cured if you will take the healthy meal, if you will regularly do the exercise and you should also try to control and lose your weight. Also by regularly taking medicines, you can cure this type II diabetes of yours. When exercise and diet will fail to control sugar level in your blood, then doctor is going to suggest you a few of the medicines. Some of the young people who have type II diabetes, they get insulin injection for themselves.

Foods to Avoid If You Have Are a Diabetic Patient
If you have this health condition, then avoid eating these foods which are sugar, gur, glucose, honey, carbonated drinks, ghee, butter, chocolate, toffees, biscuits, cakes, pastries, cream rolls, custard, pudding, ice cream, potato fries.

Foods to Eat On a Balanced Note If Are a Diabetic Patient
Have these foods on a minimum if you are diabetic patient and they are milk, yogurt, chapati, rice, salty biscuit, porridge, corn flakes, eggs, cheese, pulses, lobia, apples, guavas, melons, oranges, carrots, water melons, bananas.

What to Eat If You Feel Hungry?
If a diabetic patient feel hungry, then have these foods which include meat, chicken, vegetables, radish, carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, saag, cucumber, peas, jamun, falsa.

Eat Five to Six Times In a Day
You should eat and have your meals five to six times in a day. Eat in a quantity as if you are eating and consuming three meals in a day. Taking these small meal portions will balance your blood sugar level. Always consult a qualified doctor for treatment of diabetes. Now read all about diabetes in Urdu language.

All About Diabetes, Types, Treatment, Recommended Diet (Urdu & English)


All About Diabetes, Types, Treatment, Recommended Diet (Urdu & English)