Alfalah Scholarship 2019 Inter, Bachelor & Master Students

Alfalah Scholarship Scheme 2019 For Students of Intermediate, Graduation, Post Graduation & Professional Degrees
For a Pakistani student and especially when he fall into the need based category, it always get difficult for him to continue his studies. But with the arrival of Alfalah scholarships 2019, a great chance has been arrive to continue with these studies. This scheme will afford and cover your education expenses and all tuition dues. This Alfalah scholarship scheme comes and arrives in the financial aid shape and those students whose academic and educational phase of life is passing through a difficulty phase, they can apply in Alfalah scholarships 2019. This scholarship program has been working for approximately and around 20 years and it only cater to need based category students as well as deserving students. The selection is made on the merit conditions. Details of Alfalah scholarship program are mentioned for the students, check the details and if at any moment your academic life phases any obstacles and hurdles, then apply in the Alfalah scholarship program. Hope it will bring extreme number of benefits in your academic life.

Historical Facts of Alfalah Scholarship 2019
For the information, in the year 1998, the foundation of this program was laid down. This program is completely expanded and had its reach in all cities of Pakistan.

Great success is carried by this program and many students have made success stories by applying in this program. In this scheme, no element of favoritism factor is observed. If you deserve to come on merit, and if you meet the conditions which are laid down by the committee, then apply in the latest phase of Alfalah scholarship program 2019.

Success Stories of Alfalah Scholarship Program 2019
It is seen that till now 342 students from the MBBS background have applied in this program and they have completed on a successful note their MBBS studies. On the other hand, 495 students, they have all successfully completed and finished their engineering studies.

Then total number of 3453 students who belonged to the background of MS programs and studies and those who are linked to BS studies, they applied in this Alfalah scholarship program and faced a great success by completing their studies.

In the society of Pakistan, we see these common financial constraints faced by the students and it is these expenses and tuition fees amount. To make our country Pakistan to progress, we have to remove these hurdles and obstacles, we have to remove these blockages and for this sake, Alfalah scholarship program is really working well.

Contributions Made for Alfalah Scholarship Program 2019
We have Shahkoor Alam right from Caravan Ilm Foundation America and we have Shaukat Hussain who is from ICNA Canada, they contribute in this program by giving financial contributions. Then we have Afzal Chaudhary who is from Alfalah Norway, he is also working together with rest of the financial contributors. If you want to contribute in this noble cause then here is the contact number details for you, 0346-7135984, the team of this Alfalah scholarship program 2019 will guide you further.

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Alfalah Scholarship 2019 Inter, Bachelor & Master Students


Alfalah Scholarship 2019 Inter, Bachelor & Master Students