Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan Interest Free Loans & Scholarships 2024

How To Get Interest Free Loans & Scholarships 2024 From Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan? Procedure & Tips

This Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan, it is the biggest and one of the reputable nonprofit organizations. It is made so that the needy and poor people can be helped out. They offer interest free loans as well as scholarships. This is a great organization for the students who wants to improve their educational lives. Check out the details on this o profit organization and see how it is bringing improvement in the lives of Pakistan people:


Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan Interest Free Loans & Scholarships 2024


Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan Interest Free Loans & Scholarships 2020



Mawakhat Program of Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan

We have this Mawakhat program which is the part of this Al Khidmat Foundation. According to this program, individuals will be provided with interest free loans. Those who are needy and those people who are in need of emergency cash, then these small amount and range of interest free loans will be given to them. Such a kind of loan will help them to improve the position of their business or they can even start any small scale business. On the provided loan, you will charged 0% interest amount. The person can return this loan in just small installments.




How to Apply for Interest Free Loans?

If you want to apply to get these interest free loans or you want to get the scholarship from this organization, then you can contact their head office. Their staff and team will tell you about the procedure. Their team will let you know that whether you fulfill their stated eligibility criteria or not. You can too visit their regional office if you want to!


Facts on Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan

Do you know that it was in year 2016 that this body handed over Rs 44 billion loan amount to almost 4070 beneficiaries, it is true. By initiating such a productive step, we have seen such a positive, improved and strong change in the lives of poor and needy people.


Their scholarship program has really gained an extensive popularity and fame. It is only to deserving students that this so called financial assistance is provided. This body works on the strong aim that whether you belong to the rich class or poor class, every single person has to be given with equal opportunities.


It was in 2016 year that this organization helped out 1233 students so that they can complete their education. The selection of these students was not made on the basis of language, race or color. On merit, the scholarship was awarded to the students.


This body is a great initiative for the students and needy people who belonged to the deprived background. Their scholarships and also their interest free loans have bring ease in the lives of needy people.



Contact Details of Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan

Al Khidmat Foundation Head Office Address: 711, Block J-2, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan.
Phone Number Details: +92 42 3595 7260
Fax Number Details: +92 42 3595 7261
Email Details:
If some new schemes will be introduced by this body and non profit organization, we will update you.