Aga Khan Medical College AKUMC MDCAT Entry Test 2024 Guide

All About Agha Khan University AKUMC MDCAT Entry Test 2024
Details on Aga Khan Medical College AKUMC MDCAT entry test 2024 guide are here. It is in every year that this Aga Khan University MCAT test take place. It is the prestigious and internationally linked medical university in Pakistan. This AKUMC MCAT entry test is taken by Aga Khan Medical College itself. They only enroll 100 students for their MBBS program. When you will qualify for their test, then candidates will appear in this university interview proceedings. It is on the basis of secondary school marks, higher secondary school marks and test score that your finalization will be done by AKU university.

Aga Khan Medical College AKUMC MDCAT Entry Test 2024 Guide

Aga Khan University (AKU)


Entry Test Pattern Issued by Aga Khan Medical College

Their entry test is normally composed of two sections. 1st section belongs to the subject of English and the 2nd section is belonged to the subjects of science category as well as subject of mathematics. You will have an allocated time of 1 hour to complete this section 1 of Aga Khan University entry test. Then you will further get 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete this 2nd section of your entry test.



Format of Section 1: English

From the section 1, you will get a reading comprehension passage and error detection sentences as well as sentence completion sentences.


Format of Section 2: Subject of Science and Mathematics

From this section, 20 MCQs from this biology subject will come, then from chemistry portion, you will get 20 questions. From this physics part, you will get 20 questions as well. From this science reasoning category,you will receive 30 MCQs and then from mathematics reasoning section, you will get 30 questions. Total 120 MCQs will come from this part.



Negative Marking in Aga Khan University MDCAT Test

For the sections of physics, chemistry and biology subject, there will be a negative marking. If you will give a wrong answer then you will lose 0.25 marks on every wrong given answer.



Eligibility Criteria to Appear in Aga Khan University Medical College MCAT Entry Test

You should have been successfully and officially completed your inter studies. If you are currently in the process of completing with your HSSC studies, then you can apply too. If you belong to this system of education, like if you have done A-level or if you belong to some other Pakistani education system, then that applicant has to submit an equivalence certificate taken from the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) working in Pakistan.



Process to Apply in Aga Khan Medical College Entry Test

This website address is mentioned for you,, visit it and get your application form. Complete prospectus is available on this AKU site as well. You have to send your form by post or by registered mail or you can send it through a reliable and trustworthy courier service to the admission office present in AKU Karachi.



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