AIOU Tutor Information 2024 (Name, Address, Phone No & Study Center)

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A teacher is someone who crafts the future. He is the mentor, the beacon light and the energy behind every student. The guidelines of being successful are usually drawn by a teacher. He shows the right path to pursue the future plans. He teaches, preaches and provides the essential guidelines leading to success. The teacher is the leader that leads the whole lot if the students.



Allama Iqbal Open University Tutor Information 2024

He is the spiritual parent that gives meanings to life of the students. If physical parents give birth to the child, it is the teacher that gives meanings to the life. It mends and trends the life. He nurtures the soul and spirit. He designs the best for his future. No matter at what stage you are studying, the teacher and his memories stay with you forever.


AIOU Tutor Information (Name, Address, Phone No & Study Center)

AIOU Tutor Information 2024 (Name, Address, Phone No & Study Center)


Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is a great option to pursue the studies by staying at a distance. The university is a great place for those who could not pursue their studies after a particular level or still want to study more. AIOU is the model University for the Distance Education System in Asia, on the basis of which similar set ups were introduced in other countries of Asia. Allama Iqbal Open University is a revolution in the field of education. It has introduced several courses to benefit from. The students from all over Pakistan and even in some foreign countries can get the best of the services offered by the university.


AIOU Tutor Information 2024

AIOU tutor makes it sure that all students get the related material by post in the earliest possible time. Added to this all notifications are also issued through the postal service and are made available on the official website also. Thus, the students find it convenient to study. In case something does not reach them. They can coordinate with the regional offices.



AIOU Tutor Name, Home Address, Phone Number & Study Center Details 2024

In the completion of the entire academic process submission of assignments is very important. The students are required to submit the assignments to the respective checkers or tutors in a properly assigned duration. The AIOU tutor gets the assignments through the post also. Therefore, all necessary details are provided to the student along with assignments.


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The AIOU tutor information include his address, contact number, etc. In case a student finds some question in the assignments, he may consult the AIOU tutor on the telephonic contact. The AIOU tutor ensures all kind of help.  Once the tutors get the assignments, they check it and submit the scores to both the students and the regional office for record. The students are advised to check the details of their AIOU tutor address, phone number, name and study center through the link given below in bold letters.


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