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Pakistan History Online Quiz 1947 to 2019, MCQs

Pakistan History Online Test 1947 to 2019, General Knowledge MCQs About History of Pakistan
Pakistan is our beloved country. Every citizen of Pakistan must have good general knowledge about Pakistan History. Pakistan Studies is a compulsory subject in Pakistan till graduation level. Still many students are weak in this subject. Such students can increase their general knowledge about Social Studies and Pakistan Studies through our this Pakistan History online quiz. You will certainly like our Indo Pak History online test 1857 to 1947 too.

Pakistan History Online Quiz 1947 to 2017, MCQs

Pakistan History Online Quiz 1947 to 2019, MCQs

These forty multiple choice questions MCQs have been selected from past papers of CSS, PMS and PCS exams, so CSS aspirants will also like our both above mentioned online tests. Soon you will see lot of new online quizzes for CSS aspirants on Pakistan Studies. It is highly recommended to all serious candidates of competitive exams to visit us daily.

We assure you that our website will provide you best possible resources for preparation of recruitment tests of all kinds. Pakistan History online quiz is just a start in this regard. Our research team is working hard to develop lot of new online quizzes. We wish you best of luck for your job search and exams. No start the quiz.

Pakistan History online quiz 1947 to 2017. Multiple Choice Questions for all those students who want to increase their general knowledge about recent history of Pakistan.

1. Name the second Prime Minister of Pakistan?


2. Who was second Governor General of Pakistan after Quaid e Azam?


3. Prime Minister ………………. nationalized the private industries in Pakistan?


4. When Geneva Accord was signed to resolve the Afghan crisis?


5. Z A Bhutto was hanged on ………….?


6. What is the total population of Pakistan according to 6th census of 2017?
1-20 Crore
2-20 Crore & 78 Lacs#
3-19 Crore
4-21 Crore


7. Who was the one and only deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan?


8. What is the exact date of fall of Dhaka?


9. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan at the time of first martial law (1958)?


10. Which Chief Martial Law Administrator took the title of Chief Executive in 1999?


11. When first constitution of Pakistan was introduced?


12. Which three personalities remained both President and PM of Pakistan?


13. Who imposed the 2nd martial law in Pakistan on 25th March, 1969?


14. When first ever non-partisan general elections were held in Pakistan?


15. First motorway in Pakistan M2 was built between Lahore and ………….?


16. When ex Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi?


17. When the Tashkent Declaration between India and Pakistan was signed?


18. Hadood ordinance was enforced in …………?


19. When second constitution of Pakistan was introduced?


20. General M Ayub Khan defeated ……… Presidential election of 1965?


21. Name the first President and last Governor General of Pakistan?


22. LFO is the abbreviation of ………?


23. Who presented the six points in 1966?


24. Benazir Bhutto Zardari became the Prime Minister of Pakistan twice in ………… and ………….?


25. Who was the one and only Vice President of Pakistan?


26. Which PM of Pakistan disqualified twice by the judiciary?


27. NRO stands for?


28. PCO is the abbreviation of …………?


29. When Lawyers movement in Pakistan was launch to reinstate Chief Justice Ch Iftikhar Hussain?


30. Who was the father of Pakistan’s nuclear Program?


31. Plan for partition of India was announced on which date?


32. When one unit was introduced?


33. When first general election on the basis of universal adult franchise was held in Pakistan?


34. In which year Pakistan was the world champion of 4 games at a time i.e Squash, Cricket, Hockey and Snooker?


35. Which was the Pone and only presidential constitution in Pakistan?


36. When Lahore was signed between Pakistan and India?


37. NAB stands for ……………?


38. When first Youm-e-Takbir was celebrated in Pakistan?


39. Who was the first Chief Martial Administrator of Pakistan, who imposed first martial law in 1958?


40. When Kargil war was fought between Pakistan and India?


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