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Join Pak Army Online Test-Model Paper, GK About Pakistan Army

Join Pak Army Online Quiz-Sample Paper, Solved MCQs & GK on Pakistan Army
Pakistan army is one of the best armies of the world. It has manpower of about 8 lacs. Its the first Islamic army which has nuclear weapons too. Its missile power is marvelous. It has won wars against USSR, India and even terrorism. All Pakistani youngsters want to join Pak army. It is their first dream in life. If you also want to join Pak army then now you are at the right platform. We shall guide you in detail for joining the Pakistan army.

Join Pak Army

Join Pak Army Online Test-Model Paper, GK About Pakistan Army

Before applying in any department you must have detailed general knowledge about that department. As such questions are asked not only written test but also at the interview stage. If you want to join Pak army then again you must have sufficient knowledge about Pak army history, capabilities, strength and successes. Today we shall publish our first quiz on J”oin Pak Army”. Its just like a model paper or sample paper too. This join Pak army online test has MCQs on general knowledge about Pakistan Army. Its our first quiz on armed forces. We are going to publish a series of online quizzes on this topic too. We shall publish online tests for preliminary test, ISSB, all posts of Pakistan army, navy and PAF including civilian staff in near future.  You guys just need to be our regular visitors.

Our team is always here to reply your queries about “how to join Pak army”. A comment box is visible below this post. Use it for contacting us. Also give your suggestions and feed back about the standard of our online quizzes. We also welcome positive criticism for improvement of our free services and online quizzes.

1. Name the first Muslim who won the Victoria Cross (In WW1)?


2. Who was the first ever field marshal of Pakistan army?


3. Lalak Jan Nishan e Haider was hero of ______ war?


4. Who was the first Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Air Force (CAS)?


5. Highest post of pak army in Siachin is at _______?


6. Pak army fought the famous Kargil war in ______?


7. Who was the first Muslim C-in-C of the PAF?


8. Field Marshal is a ___ star general?


9. Who was the last Naval Commanders-in-Chief of Pakistan Navy?


10. Who was the last C-in-C of the PAF?


11. Who was the first Muslim Naval C-in-C of Pakistan Navy?


12. Pakistan remained the front line state against USSR & _______?


13. Who has won one and only Hilal e Kashmir?


14. Wah is famous for ________?


15. GHQ is situated in _____ city?


16. Pakistan army has won the biggest ______ battle after 2nd world war at Sialkot Chawinda?


17. How many British Generals have commanded Pak army?


18. Name the first made in Pakistan fighter plane?


19. How many Nishan e Haider were awarded in 1948 Pak India war?


20. Charat is famous for ______?


21. Who was commander in chief of Pak army during 1965 war?


22. MI is the intelligence agency of _______?


23. When air force day is celebrated in Pakistan?


24. Who is the author of famous book “In the Line of Fire”?


25. Who was the first Naval C-in-C of Pak Navy?



26. Khairan cantt is the largest _______ of Pak army?


27. General Head Quarter is the head quarter of _______?


28. Pakistan army is at war against __________?


29. Al-Zarrar is a made in Pakistan _______?


30. Hilal e Kashmir is equivalent to _________ military award of Pakistan?


31. Major Tufail Muhammad won the Nishan e Haider during ____ war?


32. Name the C-in-C of Pakistan army who joined the army as a soldier?


33. K-8 is a Pakistani training ______?


34. Who is a one star general?


35. How many Nishan e Haider were given in kargil war?


36. Who downed five Indian fighter planes in a minute during 1965 war?


37. How many soldiers of Pakistan army have been won Hilal e Kashmir medal?


38. Who was the first Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) of Pak Navy?


39. Who was the first Commanders-in-Chief of the Pakistan Air Force


40. Rashid Minhas was given the Nishan  e Haider in ______ war?


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