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Career & Scope of Jewellery Design Field in Pakistan, Tips

Career Counseling About Scope of Jewellery Designing in Pakistan, Guide in Urdu & English 
What can be the scope of jewellery design field in Pakistan, we will tell you! Proper amount of training and also the right set of creativity is required if you want to become a jewelery designer. This is the new creative and fresh field which is introduced in Pakistan. The jewelery designer has to carry out and perform many tasks if he is in this field, he has to design the piece, then he has to mold that jewelery piece, identifying and testing of different gemstones is carried out and other processes like these! This field designer is the manufacturer and marketing person of his product at the same time.

Scope of Jewellery Design Field
Serving in this jewellery design field, that means you have to specialize in gemology area so that you can deal with the grading as well as identification of precious kinds of stones and diamonds. First you have to prepare up all possible sketches right on the paper by your hand so that you can conceptualize your jewellery designs. In a simple design, you will make a detailed kind of drawing, then you will go on making a structured model for your jewelery piece, afterwards computer stimulations will be made and then a full scale prototype will be produced.

Job Options in Jewellery Design Field
There are many job profiles which you can opt if you want to work in this jewellery designing field area. You can become a jewellery designer or you can serve as a jewelery merchandiser. You can look for a job as an exhibition manager or you can too work as production manager. As this field has also been introduced as a discipline, that is why you can become a lecturer in a university or you can work as a casting manager. Other job profiles and options like working as an assistant manager in the department of exploration, working as a writer and drafter, working as an embroidery maker or an art gallery person, you can serve in these areas while being attached with the jewellery design field.

Other Job Profiles Opened for Jewellery Designers
Rest you can work as sales representative, or to work as a fashion consultant. These jewellery designers can also become illustrators or concept managers. Other career and job post areas which are available for these designers, they are to work as a gem grinder or as a gem polisher.

Working as a gemstone appraiser or as a jewelery setter, serving as a gem assorter, engraver, jewel business owner, you can opt any of these career options. The possible job option to contribute as a grading consultant is open too. More scope information on this jewellery designing field will come up. Are you interested in this field then, share your feedback with us on this page and more exciting job areas relevant with this designing field will be given and shared. Its time to read Urdu article on career & scope of jewellery design field.

Career & Scope of Jewellery Design Field in Pakistan, Tips

Career & Scope of Jewellery Design Field in Pakistan, Tips