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First Online International Relations IR Quiz in Pakistan, MCQ Test

Pakistan’s First Online Test on International Relations (IR), MCQs
If you want to appear in any recruitment test or competitive exam then you must try to improve your general knowledge (GK) about International Relations (IR). International relations (IR) is a very important and vast subject. We have developed this test with the help of past papers of IR. Most repeated questions in these past papers have been included in this first online International Relations quiz in Pakistan. You will certainly like the standard of this IR online quiz. Students of MSc/MA IR can also get benefit from this Online International Relations quiz.

First Online International Relations IR Quiz in Pakistan, MCQ Test

First Online International Relations IR Quiz in Pakistan, MCQ Test

International relations is a very important topic of general knowledge (GK). It has many sub topics like foreign affairs, foreign policy, current affairs etc. We have published online quizzes on all these topics. Many such online quizzes are coming soon. For improving your general knowledge about international relations you must read history books and daily newspapers. Lot of material on IR is also available on youtube too. Watch these videos too. Read current affairs digests and world history books like on history of USA, USSR, UK, France, China, Japan, Germany and Middle East.

International Relations is basically a topic of Political Science. International relations (IR) is all about foreign affairs, foreign policy, international affairs and world politics.

Majority of students in Pakistan have very weak general knowledge about international relations as IR is not taught as an separate subject in Pakistan till graduation level. We are here to help the students in this regard. We shall cover almost all the topics of international relations through different quizzes. You just need to visit our website regularly. Visit and like our facebook page too. Wish you best of luck for your future.

1. One Belt One Road (OBOR) is initiative of which country?


2. India Blame which country for patronizing Naxalite–Maoist movement?


3. What was the basic cause of  8 years of Iran, Iraq war (1980-1988)?


4. What is West Indies?



5. Which Asian Muslim country is the member of NATO?


6. Which one of these countries has left European Union?


7. Which two countries of Middle East were original signatories of Camp David accord?


8. When UNO was formed?


9. Which one of these countries has USA nuclear umbrella?


10. Which country attacked on Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941?


11. One Vision, One Identity, One Community is the motto of which international organization?


12. Which 3 countries are called Axis powers of 2nd World War?


13. One China policy is basically against which country?


14. Dalai Lama of Tibet has taken refugee in which country?


15. What is the key cause of conflict between USA and Cuba?


16. Cuban Missile Crisis arose in?


17. League of Nation was formed in which year?


18. Japan defeated which world power in 1905?


19. Which Muslim country was alley of Germany in First World War?


20. Cyprus conflict is between which 2 countries?


21. Famous Vietnam war was started in 1955 and it continued till ………….?


22. Armenia has major conflict with which country?


23. Real bone of contention between United States of America and North Korea is ………..?
1-Missile program of South Korea
2-Atomic program of North Korea#
3-Huge army of North Korea
4-Korean war


24. Which country arranged the first ever higher level contact between USA and China in 1971?


25. On which country fourteen allies of Saudi Arabia imposed sanctions in 2017.


26. Sadam Hussain of Iraq conquered the Kuwait in …….?


27. Berlin Wall between East Germany and West Germany was destroyed in …………?


28. Camp David accord was signed in………?


29. Who presented the famous “Clash of Civilization Theory” in 1996?


30. What is the main dispute between India and China?


31. fighter jet plane of which country was shot down by Turkish air force in 2015 near Syrian Turkish border?


32. Oil Embargo 1973 was result of which war?


33. Famous Korean war was started in ……… and continued till 1953?


34. USA fought first and second Gulf wars against which country?


35. Statue of Liberty was the gift of ……….. for people of United States of America?


36. Organization of Islamic Conference OIC was formed in ……..?


37. Name four big allied powers of World War 2 (1939 to 1945)?


38. What is the real bone of contention between Israel and Palestine?


39. What was Operation Opera?


40. USA bought Alaska state from …………?


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