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How Students Can Earn Money in Their Spare Time? Tips in Urdu & English

How Students in Pakistan Can Earn Money in Their Spare Time? Tips & Tricks in Urdu & English
Students in Pakistan can earn money in their spare time through many offline and online means. Today we shall discuss some ideas about earning money techniques for students in their spare time.

Typing Jobs
Try to learn both Urdu and English typing. Increase your typing speed as much as possible. You may get typing jobs of different kinds from book publishers, lawyers, teachers and educational institutes.

Property Dealing
All property agents need helpers who may show the buyers their required property. You may join any property agent as a helper. You also join any car dealer as assistant.

You may start your own tuition center in your drawing room. You may also become home tutor. Providing home tutors has also become a very rewarding business now a days. You may start this business with very low investment.

News Hawker
You may distribute newspapers early in the morning before going to college or university.

Earn Money From Blogging
Blogging is a very rewarding habit. It can help you to earn money through many means like affiliate marketing, Google adsense, infolinks, online selling etc.

Earn Money From Youtube
Make videos on interesting topics and upload them on and If people will like your videos, you will be able to earn money online.

Proof Reading
You may get online proof reading jobs, or can work part time in any publishing house or newspaper/magazine/digest.

Become Online Writer
Write articles for blogs and websites. I personally know many students who are earning about 20000 rupees per month by writing articles for different websites.


You may read the details about different methods of earning money in Urdu below this post. Visit our earn money category daily for more guidance about different methods of making money.

Earn Money Online Guide in Urdu & English For Beginners

How Students Can Earn Money in Their Spare Time? Tips in Urdu & English

How Students Can Earn Money in Their Spare Time? Tips in Urdu & English