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Current Affairs of Pakistan Online Quiz, MCQs

Current Affairs of Pakistan Online Test, Top 30 Solved MCQs
If you have interest in current affairs of Pakistan, then now you have landed on the right page as here on this page you can take current affairs of Pakistan online quiz comprising of very important 30 multiple choice questions (MCQs).

Current Affairs of Pakistan Online Quiz, MCQs

Current Affairs of Pakistan Online Quiz, MCQs

We have designed this current affairs of Pakistan quiz for those students who are interested to sit in competitive exam like PCS, CSS or PMS (Commonly known as combined competitive examination). We can not design a longlasting current affairs of Pakistan quiz, as situation is changing rapidly in South Asia especially in Pakistan due to CPEC and US presence in Afghanistan. Still we shall try to update this current affairs of Pakistan quiz regularly. More related online quizzes will soon be uploaded on We have already published following current affairs online test.

Current Affairs Online Test, MCQs

It is highly recommended for you to read daily newspaper too for improving your general knowledge about current affairs of Pakistan. Meanwhile visit our online test category too. We shall also publish detailed articles on important topics related to current affairs of Pakistan to give you indepth knowledge about important happenings in the region, so visit and its facebook page regularly. Wish you good luck for your exams.

1. Scam of 18.5 billion has been exposed in Bangladesh branch of ______?


2. Who is DG ISPR in 2017?


3. FATA is now under the jurisdiction of ______ high court.


4. When Dina Wadia (Daughter of Quaid e Azam) died?


5. People of Hazara are demanding sepration from _______ province?


6. People of FATA want to become the part of ________?


7. Innocent teenage girl was forced to walk naked in __________ district of KPK.


8. Name the daughter of Shahnawaz Bhutto who recently visited Pakistan?


9. Surgical strikes and cold start doctrine of Indian army are against _________?


10. UHS and NTS both have leaked the paper of ______ in 2017?


11. Name the new most popular TV channel in Pakistan.


12. Name the department which is now controlling higher education in Punjab?


13. How many matches of PSL 2018 will be organized in Pakistan?


14. _______ has decided to control the admission in private medical and dental colleges too.


15. Inida can never use nuclear bomb against Pakistan. Why?


16. Which secret weapon of Pakistan army has failed the Indian cold start doctrine?


17. How many trees have been grown in KPK during last 3 years?


18. Do you know the name of new chairman NAB?


19. GHQ of Pakistan army will be soon shifted from Rawalpindi to _________?


20. China is going to be connected with Arabian sea through _____ routes of CPEC.


21. Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is working in which city?


22. Pakistan is now producing crude oil  ——– barrels per day.


23. USA is demanding Pakistan to take action against ______?


24. Grand Jamia Mosque ________ will be the 3rd largest mosque in the world.


25. Paradise leaks has disclosed the offshore company and corruption of ex Fianace Minster & PM of Pakistan _________?


26. Now ______ community in Pakistan can register their marriages officialy.


27. Name the current foreign minister of Pakistan?


28. Dharna of Tehreek Labaik Ya Rasool Allah was for resignation of Law minister ______?


29. Name the political party which is not accepting the results of 6th Pakistan population censes 2017?


30. Which is the sixth team in PSL?


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