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First Ever Online Common Sense Quiz in Pakistan, MCQs

First Ever Online Common Sense Quiz + IQ Test, Check Your Common Sense & I.Q Level Online
Its a bitter reality that common sense is really the most uncommon thing under the sky. Our team has now developed first ever common sense test plus IQ quiz for you. Its a highly recommended online quiz for all groups. We have included just 20 MCQs in first ever online common sense quiz of Pakistan. There is a very deep relation between common sense and IQ levels of a person. One can not have good IQ level without having common sense. You may say that improving common sense is the first step towards improving your IQ level.

First Ever Online Common Sense Quiz + IQ Test

First Ever Online Common Sense Quiz in Pakistan, MCQs

We have designed this first ever online common sense quiz + IQ test in the world to help you for becoming a multidimensional person. This online common sense quiz will also be helpful for you in ISSB test. Separate IQ tests will be published soon. Our project director gives us very unique tests to design and we hope that we shall not disappoint him and you people too. We just need your prayers in reward. Common sense MCQs, and IQ testing questions are also posted on our facebook page, so kindly visit and like it too.

Now you can test your common sense & I.Q level online. By the grace of Almighty Allah presents the first ever online common sense quiz plus IQ test in the world.

1. How many poles a square magnet has?


2. With how much speed a Penguins can fly in the evening?


3. Amjad has 3 mangoes. Yasir buy 2 from Ali. Now how many mangoes Yasir has?


4. Which weighs more?


5. How many numbers from one to hundred have the letter ‘A’ in their spellings?


6. A circle have ………… sides?


7. What is the color of sky from space?


8. Which will reach on earth first from Pisa Tower?


9. Identify the English alphabet which flies, sings and stings?


10. At moon we have to see in which direction for seeing the earth?


11. Majority of months have 31 or 30 days. How many months have 28 days?


12. How many animals of different species did Jesus Christ (A.S) take on his big ship ark?


13. Who was the father of Fatima Binte Abdullah?


14. What was the name of USA President in 1980?


15. Can a man marry his widow’s sister legally in Islam?


16. How many eyes do bats have?


17. How many birthdays does the average female have?


18. Other than A, E, I, O, U, which Consonant letter is sometimes also used as a vowel ?


19. Who was the father of Muhammad Bin Qasim?


20. Before the discovery of Pacific Ocean which was the largest ocean?


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